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Boost language skills via conversation.
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Conversly.AI is a language-learning app for iOS and Android that allows users to improve their conversational skills through engaging in conversations with an advanced AI powered by ChatGPT.

The app offers four different modes of conversing and allows users to talk to various characters, practicing both speaking and listening skills instead of just translating sentences.

Users can take turns with the AI to create a story in the "Play Pass the Story" mode, and any mistakes made can be reviewed with a single tap.Testimonials from anonymous users suggest that the app has been effective in improving their language skills in a short amount of time, with one user stating that they feel much more comfortable speaking to their French friends after using the app.

Conversly.AI allows users to practice their conversational skills in a fun and interactive way, making it an effective tool for those looking to improve their language proficiency.

Overall, Conversly.AI can be considered a valuable tool for language learners who want to practice speaking and listening skills in an engaging and effective way.


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Dec 19, 2023
This is amazing! Really helps to improve my Spanish

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Pros and Cons


iOS and Android compatibility
Four conversational modes
Interactive storytelling practice
Single-tap mistake review
Focus on speaking/listening
Effective testimonials
24/7 access
Real-time corrections
Social media integration
No translation dependency
Improvements in short timeframe
Language proficiency increase
Effective conversation practice
User-friendly interface


Limited conversation modes
No real-time feedback
Lack of pronunciation guide
No offline mode
No language proficiency levels
Limited languages available
Doesn't cover grammatical rules
Lack of community interaction
No advanced user metrics


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How effective is Conversly.AI for language learning?
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How user-friendly is Conversly.AI for language learners?
Where can I find more information about Conversly.AI and its updates?
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