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ByJaromír Matýšek
Become an interactive fiction creator with Inform 7
Sample prompts:
Can you teach me the basics of Inform 7?
How do I create a character in Inform 7?
I have a game idea, can we co-create it in Inform 7?
Can you invent a new puzzle for my Inform 7 project?
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Inform 7 GPT is a tool designed to assist in the learning and usage of the Inform 7 programming language, which is primarily used for the creation of interactive fiction.

Leveraging the power of language generated by AI, the tool acts as a teacher, syntax expert, and collaborator, aiming to facilitate a smoother process of using Inform 7.

Inform 7 GPT enables users to understand the basics of Inform 7 language as well as providing useful insights on character creation within it. Whether users have a new game idea or need to invent a new puzzle for an existing Inform 7 project, this GPT helps co-create and enhance functionalities.

One key feature of this AI-driven tool is its utilization of natural language syntax, which can lower the learning curve for beginners in the Inform 7 language, making interactive fiction projects more accessible.

It's important to note that usage of the Inform 7 GPT requires a sign-up and access to ChatGPT Plus.


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