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Tutor Mind is an AI-powered teaching assistant designed to make the work of teachers easier and save them time. The tool offers six simple yet powerful features for teachers to streamline their lesson planning, grading, and plagiarism detection tasks.

With Tutor Mind, teachers can easily create lesson plans using structured templates or create their own content. The tool's advanced AI detector allows teachers to quickly check if their student's work contains any plagiarism.

The essay grading marking tool has three difficulty levels, making it easy for teachers to grade their class's work. Tutor Mind also offers an AI-powered assistant to help teachers plan their entire lessons and mark their students' work.

The tool is optimized for larger screens and offers a lightning-fast application for efficient work. With Tutor Mind, teachers can save their results and continue where they left off.

Signing up for Tutor Mind is free, and users get 30 free credits upon sign up, with no card details required. Each account gets allocated 2GB of storage, with more available upon request.

Tutor Mind offers endless possibilities and allows teachers to provide quality education while making their workload easier.

TutorMind was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Structured lesson plan templates
Custom content creation
Immediate plagiarism detector
Three levels essay grading marking
Optimized for larger screens
Lightning-fast application
Work-saving capabilities
Free signup
30 free credits upon signup
No card details required for signup
Allocated 2GB storage
More storage upon request
Question generator feature
Automatic language detection
10x quicker than Google Translate
Save and continue feature
Free trial available


Optimized for larger screens
Limited free version
Limited storage (2GB)
No offline capabilities
No student interaction features
No multi-language support
No mobile app mentioned
No auto-save feature
Limited essay difficulty levels
No casual language detection


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Is TutorMind optimized for larger screens?
How does TutorMind's AI powered assistant work?
Does TutorMind have storage limitations?
Can I ask for more storage space on TutorMind?
Do I need to provide my card details when I sign up for TutorMind?
What are the free credits upon sign-up for?
What does TutorMind mean by 'save your results'?
Is TutorMind a paid tool?
Does TutorMind offer any free trials?
Can TutorMind be used on mobile devices?
How quick is TutorMind compared to Google translate?
How does TutorMind help save teachers time?
What types of questions can I create using TutorMind's structured templates?


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