Education CoPilot
Lesson planning and material creation for educators.

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AI Lesson Planner – Education Copilot is an AI-driven tool designed to streamline lesson planning and material creation. It can generate AI lesson plans, PowerPoints, and educational handouts in seconds, supporting both English and Spanish.

It comes with over 10 tools to help save time in and outside of the classroom, including a lesson planner, educational handouts, writing prompts, student reports, and project outlines.

Education Copilot has already been adopted by over 200 teachers and can be tried for free. It is designed to save educators time and effort so they can focus on what matters most – their students.

Education CoPilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2023.
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Fatimo Okeowo
· Aug 25, 2023
This is an amazing AI Tool for educators.
Jan Steele
· Jul 21, 2023
They do not respond when you have a problem. I have paid for this AI and it is not working well. Despite my many emails to get help there is no response.
Shereen Zagzoug
· Jul 20, 2023
I total scam !!! the developer will not reply to you and he took my money for a subscription that was never activated !!
Paola Keller
· Jul 19, 2023
I paid for 1 year subscription and have not been upgraded.
Tracey Godin
· Jul 18, 2023
This is a scam. I paid for a one year subscription and have not been upgraded. Emailed them and it came back as a non existent account. Have called several times for support and only get to leave a message NO ONE has responded

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Pros and Cons


Creates PowerPoints
Spanish and English support
Comes with 10 tools
Generates educational handouts
Includes writing prompts
Offers student reports
Builds project outlines
Free trial available
Adopted by 200+ teachers
Designed to save time
Streamlines planning and prep
Generates templates in seconds
Streamlines lesson planning
Streamlines material creation
Generates structured lesson plans
Generates topic-specific handouts
Designed for ease of use
Designed for any subject
Seamless user experience
Helpful suggestions feature
Consistent updates


Limited language support
No indication of customization
No offline mode
No mobile application
Not multilingual
Lacks accessibility features
Unclear integration with LMS
No cited pedagogical foundation
No collaborative features
No support for special needs


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How fast is Education Copilot at generating educational materials?
What are the experiences of teachers who have already adopted Education Copilot?
How many teachers are currently using Education Copilot?
What kind of materials can Education Copilot generate aside from lesson plans?
Can Education Copilot create project outlines?
How does Education Copilot help in saving time for educators?
Can Education Copilot generate writing prompts?
What is the pricing structure for Education Copilot?
What support options does Education Copilot offer?
How does Education Copilot's AI adapt to different subjects and concepts?
Does Education Copilot have resources available in Spanish?
How does Education Copilot ensure the quality of its AI-generated lesson plans?
Can I make suggestions for new tools in Education Copilot?
Can I use Education Copilot to prepare for my unit planning?

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