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AI Teaching Assistant Pro is a digital assistant tool developed by Contact North and Contact Nord, designed to aid in teaching and instructional design.

As a comprehensive education tool, this AI-driven platform offers a variety of features to streamline the teaching process. Invigilators can leverage its enhanced assessment features to effortlessly craft multiple-choice tests and exams, increasing the efficiency of the assessment creation process.

Moreover, users can also generate innovative ideas for course descriptions, outcomes, and syllabi, turning a historically challenging process into a few simple clicks.

Beyond the utility in a traditional classroom, the AI Teaching Assistant Pro can be valuable for any topic or subject, making it a highly versatile learning assistant.

This tool also prioritizes confidentiality and privacy, offering a secure space for educators. Despite the vast features available, the tool maintains a user-friendly interface with a categorized layout; users can choose whether they'd like to create multiple-choice questions, essay questions, scoring rubrics or syllabi with teaching notes and slides.

Maintaining a strong commitment to user interaction, they welcome comments, feedback and even offer a subscription to their newsletter. AI Teaching Assistant Pro is a free tool by a not-for-profit corporation established in 1986, reflecting a long-standing commitment to supporting education.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines teaching process
Enhanced assessment creation
Generates course descriptions
Offers innovative ideas
Supports various subjects
Prioritizes confidentiality
Maintains user-friendly interface
Categorized layout
Multiple-choice question creation
Option for essay questions
Facilitates rubric creation
Creates comprehensive syllabi
Includes teaching notes
Facilitates interaction
Accepts feedback
Newsletter subscription
Free tool
Long-standing educational commitment
Efficient test crafting
Secure space for educators
Developed by established corporation
Versatile learning assistant


Lacks personalization options
Limited to educational use
No collaborative features
No support for other languages
Not mobile-friendly
Limited assessment types
No hands-on training options
Lacks offline availability
Doesn't support third-party integrations
No feedback tracking feature


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