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Twee is an AI-powered tool explicitly designed to assist English teachers in preparing their lessons. The tool can create questions for any YouTube video in just a few seconds and generate a variety of content on any topic or level, including dialogues, stories, letters, or articles.

It can also quickly create different types of questions such as multiple-choice, open questions, and true or false statements. The AI tool offers functionality to discover thought-provoking discussion questions, facts, and quotes by famous people that correlate to the lessons subject.

Furthermore, it allows teachers to brainstorm vocabulary related to the topic and create engaging exercises such as fill-in-the-gap and open-the-brackets challenges.

The tool offers vast coverage of various aspects of lesson planning, expanding across reading, writing, vocabulary, listening, speaking and grammar. The user-friendly platform has been praised for its effectiveness and capability to save lesson planning time.


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Jul 13, 2023
I plan on using it in the fall for quick checks or exit tickets.
Jun 17, 2023
Twee is the ai I know for ELT.

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Pros and Cons


Lesson content generation
Question creation features
Generate dialogues, stories, letters
Creates multiple choice questions
Produces true/false statements
Automated brainstorming for vocabulary
Creates fill-in-the-gap exercises
Generates open-the-brackets challenges
Get discussion questions, facts, quotes
Suitable for various lesson aspects
User-friendly interface
Saves lesson planning time
Assists with reading lessons
Tools for writing lessons
Helpful in vocabulary building
Aids in listening exercises
Prepares speaking activities
Grammar exercises generator
Easy creation of text
Generates topic-based dialogue
Quick essay topics creation
Provides video transcripts
Creates questions for YouTube
User reviews are positive
Target language usage
Enables active learning
Supports blended learning
Promotes flipped classroom
Paves way for critical thinking
Efficient content generation
Flexible to any level
Quickly generates variety of questions
Interactive learning exercises
Generates topic titles
Encourages creative writing
Word definition matching
Generates communicative situations
Helps extract collocations
Word-Translation matching
Generates video quiz from YouTube
Generates YouTube video summaries
Lead-in activities creation
Helps scramble words
Creates video quizzes from YouTube
Instantly forms lesson plans
Create match-the-halves exercises
Prepares lessons in minutes


Only for English teachers
Limited to lesson planning
Content only text-based
Limited topic generation
No audio learning materials
No offline version
Doesn't offer translation options
Limited to YouTube videos
No native app


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How does Twee support active learning and blended learning?
How can Twee generate English dialogues, stories, letters, and articles?
Can Twee quickly create different types of questions including multiple-choice, true/false statements?
What are the AI capabilities of Twee in lesson planning?
Can Twee help save lesson planning time?
What type of content can Twee produce for listening activities?
How does Twee generate discussion questions and facts related to a lesson's subject?
What's the procedure to generate a text or dialogue based on a topic with Twee?
Can Twee create video transcripts for English lessons?
What kind of essay topics can Twee provide for writing activities?
Does Twee allow creation of fill-in-the-gap and open-the-brackets exercises?
How can Twee be used for vocabulary building and grammar assistance?
Can Twee generate questions for any YouTube video in just a few seconds?
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