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Educators' lesson plan and assessment support.
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Teachology.ai is a collection of AI tools designed for teachers and educators to harness the power of AI in their pedagogy and planning. The tool enables teachers to easily create dynamic and engaging AI lesson plans and assessments in minutes, with the help of AI algorithms that are pedagogy aware and generate quiz questions.

It also allows users to enrich their lesson plans with external resources. Additionally, teachers can construct rich assessments with robust rubric-driven marking criteria in a short time.

The outcome-driven AI feature of the tool ensures that the assessments are aligned to the expected outcomes. Users can personalize comments for every learner and draft class report comments easily within a few minutes.

The platform provides a range of learning frameworks against which users can evaluate their learning materials and experiences. Furthermore, Teachology.ai provides functionality to design syllabus and plan units of work using AI.

The tool is easy to use, and no credit card is required to get started. Teachology.ai provides more tools in the toolkit, with even more planned for the future on the roadmap.

Overall, Teachology.ai is a valuable tool for educators that enables them to create AI-powered lesson plans and assessments easily, saving them valuable time.


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Pros and Cons


Creates dynamic lesson plans
Generates quiz questions
Enriches lesson plans with resources
Robust rubric for assessments
Outcome aligned assessments
Personalized learner comments
Quick class report drafting
Array of learning frameworks
Plans units of work
User-friendly interface
No credit card startup
Feature-rich platform
Continuous feature updates
Saves educators' time


Requires JavaScript
No API mentioned
Depends heavily on external resources
Generated comments may lack personalization
Limited syllabus design abilities
Might lack advanced data encryption
Potential compatibility issues with learning systems
No mobile application mentioned
No offline capabilities stated
Upcoming features not yet available


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