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FTK is an artificial intelligence tool designed to supplement the educational experience between teachers and students. Its primary purpose is to be used in congruence with the student-teacher relationship, forming a bond based on trust and high expectations.

This tool empowers teachers to train an AI in less than five minutes, allowing them to maintain control and shape the learning environment according to their needs.

Educators can quickly upload their content to personalize the AI's learning capabilities. The AI tool can be customized as per the teachers' preference to rely solely on the uploaded content or incorporate knowledge from the web.

FTK is designed to cater to each student individually, adapting responses to individual reading levels and leveraging their interests to boost engagement.

It has integrated safety features to protect students from inappropriate or harmful AI responses through the use of safe-level content filters. Moreover, FTK is backed by Microsoft's built-in security, ensuring that responses are not available to anyone else nor used to train other AI models.

FTK encourages the free flow of ideas, pushes for creativity in educational spaces, and supports teachers in generating tailored content to meet dynamic curriculum needs.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized learning capabilities
Web data incorporation option
Adapts to reading levels
Engagement boost via interests
Safety features for students
Content filtering mechanisms
Backed by Microsoft security
Individual data privacy
Promotes creative education
Tailored content generation
Supports dynamic curricula
Teacher driven platform
Envisions textbook replacement
Supports copyright exceptions
Encourages open-source education
Open to partnering educators
Designed by experienced educators
Optimized for quick onboarding


Reliant on Microsoft's security
Web integration not mandatory
Exclusively teacher-centric
Limited accessibility control
Risky content in case of insufficient filtering
Not transparent about data usage
Dependencies on individual teacher's skills
Lacks multi-platform interoperability
Social knowledge not inherently included


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Can FTK replace traditional textbooks with a dynamic, teacher-driven platform?

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