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Efficient lesson planning for teachers.
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Teachally's Generative AI supported teacher tool is designed to empower teachers by saving them hours of work in creating quality lesson plans and assignments.

With this tool, teachers can craft, connect, and customize lessons, align them with skills and standards, and differentiate learning. The tool also enables teachers to easily connect with students and parents.

Using AI technology, the tool can generate lesson plans and assignments from any resource, whether online or offline. It automatically aligns the lesson plans with Common Core and SEL skills and standards, allowing for quick customization and remixing of assignments.

Additionally, teachers can effortlessly share their work with co-teachers and other classrooms, fostering collaboration.The tool also provides the ability to generate and customize assignments for any subject, instantly.

It allows for differentiation of assignments and alignment with national standards, along with the generation of answer keys. Teachers can remix their own questions and easily generate answer keys from them.Furthermore, the tool offers features for enriching classroom activities, such as generating in-class presentations, activities, games, rubrics, project-based activities, and even images.

It simplifies the creation process and provides a centralized hub for all classroom materials.Additionally, the AI-supported teacher tool facilitates communication with parents and students through automated messaging and rewards.

It enables teachers to communicate directly with parents and students, motivate students with fun rewards, and generate bulletin boards using lessons and assignments.Teachally emphasizes the importance of privacy and security.

They are committed to safeguarding student data and adhere to the 2020 Student Privacy Pledge. They do not collect student information without explicit parental consent, use data solely for providing their products and services to teachers and schools, and do not share data with third parties without consent.


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Oct 26, 2023
Love it! How good will this be for teachers
Oct 24, 2023
One of the best tools to generate standard aligned lesson plans and assignments with the help of AI. Presentation generated for the lesson plan was also really good. Loved it!
Oct 24, 2023
The best lesson plans you'll ever generate with AI.

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