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Interactive tutoring platform with lessons library, ai assistant and feedback widgets
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Teachguin is an online tutoring platform that supports the preparation and delivery of unique and engaging educational sessions. The platform hosts features such as an AI assistant for lesson preparation, a ready-made library of lesson materials, and interactive feedback widgets.During a lecture, the instructor's toolkit includes a shared screen for instruction, an interactive whiteboard for real-time engagement, participants' webcams for face-to-face teaching, and a chat feature to facilitate communication.

These are coupled with teacher support mechanisms, making the platform comprehensive.The platforms innovation shines in its AI assistant offering. It facilitates the creation of lesson plans based on tutor-defined parameters, easing the effort required for lesson preparation.

Moreover, a substantial library with pre-prepared materials is available, assisting in ensuring smooth class delivery and saving preparation time for the tutor.Feedback widgets are also integrated into the platform that aids in students' understanding and effective memorization of the information.

These widgets include a diverse set of interactive question types, such as text-based, matching pairs, fill-in-the-blanks, sorting category types, drawing-based, and audio questions, making learning more engaging and far from monotonous.Even with these advanced features, Teachguin maintains all standard functionalities similar to other platforms, such as screen sharing, whiteboarding, homework assignment, material uploading, and performance statistics.Currently, Teachguin is in the beta testing phase with an eventual implementation of additional features like acceptance of payments from students and scheduling facilities.

The platform's design supports small group tutoring, with continued development aimed to increase its features and adaptability.


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Pros and Cons


Lesson library
Interactive feedback widgets
Real-time instructor's toolkit
Screen sharing
Webcam teaching
Chat feature
Enables diverse question types
Integration of teacher support
Homework assignment functionality
Material uploading
Performance statistics
Future payment acceptance
Future scheduling feature
Supports small group tutoring
Prepared materials save time
Lesson hints for tutors
Custom lesson creation
Feedback enhances student understanding
Agile development for improvements


In Beta phase
Scheduling feature absent
Payment acceptance missing
No personal tutor pages
Limited to small groups
Full launch in 2024
Inexact development timeline


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What are the benefits of participating in the beta testing phase of Teachguin?
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