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Assisted academic assignments and quizzes.
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College Tools is an AI-powered Chrome extension that guides students through their assignments, providing accurate quiz solutions to save time and improve academic success.

With support for over 50 learning platforms and all websites, the discreet exam chrome extension is designed to go unnoticed, protecting the user's privacy.

The multiple-choice question solver provides compatibility with any website, and the LMS-integrated exam assistant seamlessly operates on most educational platforms, including Blackboard and McGraw Hill.

The College Tools dashboard offers a user-friendly interface where students can access multiple features and tools, including performance analytics, progress tracking, and subscription management.

The multiple-choice question solver extension is designed for simplicity, with a range of settings such as activated, stealth mode, and camouflage, and can be easily accessed through the main dashboard.

College Tools also guarantees 100% user privacy and offers support through documentation, email, Instagram, and TikTok. The software features advanced algorithms that give students more time to focus on understanding the material and achieving their academic goals.

Overall, College Tools is an AI cataloguing tool that enables students to effortlessly answer questions, providing the easy and stress-free quiz solutions needed to excel academically.


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College Tools was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports 50+ learning platforms
Universally compatible
Discreet Chrome extension
Supports all websites
LMS-integrated exam assistant
Multiple-choice question solver
User-friendly dashboard
Performance analytics
Progress tracking
Subscription management
Multiple operating modes
Easy access via dashboard
100% privacy guarantee
Multichannel support
Advanced algorithm
Saves user's time
Supports major educational platforms
Effortless question answering
Helps understand material
Improves academic success
Instant snapshot answer
Stealth and camouflage mode
Universal compatibility
Assists in productivity enhancement
Automatic question answering
Supports Blackboard and McGraw Hill
Helps boost grades
Easy issue reporting


Only a Chrome extension
Limited to multiple-choice questions
Only for academic quizzes
No desktop or mobile app
No offline functionality
No import/export features
Limited support channels
Limited functionality settings
LMS integrations limited
No multilingual support


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Does the College Tools extension offer a camouflage option?

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