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Online quizzes creation with proctoring.
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Quilgo is an online testing platform that allows users to create quizzes and run online tests with various features such as timer, AI screen tracking, and camera proctoring.

It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to add questions, choose correct answers, and specify the score, and to extend with rich text, sections, and media.

In addition, users can turn on Question Randomizer and Shuffling to diversify the quiz content. The platform supports Quilgo AI proctoring tools that use smart screen, camera, and action tracking to discourage cheating, thus making online testing more trustworthy.

It also allows users to schedule the start time, set a deadline, enable response auto-submission, and more to make the testing process robust, reliable, and stress-free.

Quilgo offers various integrations such as Google Forms and an add-on tool that enables users to start with Google Forms as their primary forms engine and switch to Quilgo Forms later at their convenience without any coding required.

The platform has been trusted by thousands of organizations in over 80 countries worldwide, conducting millions of online tests and exams. With no required credit card information, users can start with 50 tests for free.

In addition, Quilgo provides excellent customer support and guidance to its users.


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Pros and Cons


Quiz creation feature
Camera proctoring
User-friendly interface
Rich text support
Media support
Question randomizer
Quiz content shuffling
Schedule start time
Deadline setting
Response auto-submission
Google Forms integration
Platform switch without coding
Trusted globally
50 free tests offer
No credit card requirement
Quality customer support


Limited to quizzes
Depends on good internet connection
Dependant on camera quality
Could have privacy issues
Doesn’t integrate with all platforms
Migration from Google Forms required
Limited leakage prevention tools
No offline use
Limited customer support channels


What is Quilgo?
How does Quilgo work?
What features does Quilgo offer for online testing?
How does Quilgo discourage cheating?
What type of proctoring tools does Quilgo use?
How can I add questions and set scores in Quilgo?
Does Quilgo offer any randomization or shuffling features for questions?
Can I schedule a start time and set a deadline in Quilgo?
What type of integrations does Quilgo provide?
Can I switch to Quilgo from Google Forms?
Is any coding required to use Quilgo?
What are the pricing details for Quilgo?
Does Quilgo offer a free trial?
What is Quilgo's customer support like?
Are there any requirements to sign up for Quilgo?
How many countries and organizations use Quilgo?
Is Quilgo suitable for academic use?
How can I install Quilgo's add-on for Google Forms?
Can Quilgo automatically submit responses?
What is Quilgo's user onboarding process like?

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