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GPT for Google Forms, also known as Quiz Builder, is a program that leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to instantaneously generate complete quizzes in Google Forms.

Designed with educators and businesses in mind, this app affords users the convenience of creating quizzes for any subject in a user-friendly way. The AI tool is capable of creating quiz questions and supplying correct and incorrect choices for multiple choice questions, effectively easing the quiz-making process.

The app is also versatile, accommodating 'dropdown' and 'checkbox'-style questions. Its interface is simple and straightforward - users just need to open the add-on from within Google Forms, enter their quiz topic, select the quiz difficulty and number of questions, then generate the quiz and add it to their form.

The app also allows users to enter specific questions, following which it generates all answer choices. The tool uses sophisticated neural models to logically generate (incorrect) answers to the inputted questions.

This app not only aids in saving time and effort, but also contributes to the creation of more engaging and informative quizzes, while minimizing the risk of errors in your quiz.


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Pros and Cons


Instantaneous quiz generation
User-friendly interface
Quiz customization options
Supports checkbox and dropdown questions
Automatic generation of correct and incorrect answers
Neural models for logical answers
Quick quiz addition to form
Time and effort saving
Minimized risk of quiz errors
Applicable for any subject
Multi-level difficulty selection
Supports user-specified questions
Error minimization feature
Compatible with Google Forms
Direct add-on within Google Forms
Engages interactive learning
Reduces manual quiz creation
Generate quizzes for businesses
Ease of use for educators
Sophisticated algorithm for answer generation


Limited to Google Forms
No offline functionality
Limited question types
Lacks customization options
Specific neural model dependency
Third-party access requirement
Dependence on user's Google account
Paid features not specified


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