Mindful dating 2023-11-11
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Guide singles to self-love via personalized date quizzes.
GPT welcome message: Hi, let's explore self-love in your dating journey!
Sample prompts:
How do I break unhealthy dating patterns?
What should I include in my date-me document?
Can you recommend a self-love practice for singles?
Share a tip for mindful dating.
How can I set healthy boundaries in relationships?
What's a good way to start a conversation on a dating app?
How do I maintain my individuality while dating?
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BeyondSwipe is a GPT that provides a unique approach towards dating, aimed at grounding singles in self-appreciation practices. Its primary focus is not just on finding matches, but also on cultivating self-love and fostering healthier dating patterns.

This GPT features personalized 'date-me' docs that are created through quizzes, offering a fresh perspective by adding more depth and personalization to the dating process.

Functioning as a guide, this GPT helps users understand how to foster healthy boundaries in relationships, how to maintain individuality while dating, and how to break unhealthy dating patterns.

In service of mindful dating, it offers advice on starting conversations on dating apps and also recommends self-love practices for singles. As part of the ChatGPT Plus suite of tools, users must sign up for the service to engage with BeyondSwipe.

The essence of BeyondSwipe lies in its ability to engage users with prompt starters, thereby empowering them to navigate the complexities of dating with a dedicated focus on self-love and personal development.


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