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Personalized matchmaking + VR dating
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dat(ai)ng is a next-generation dating app that utilizes AI technology to enhance the dating experience. With the help of a personalized AI wingman, dat(ai)ng aims to streamline the process of finding compatible matches.

It also offers Virtual Reality (VR) experiences and employs a recursive matching algorithm.The app promises to save users time by minimizing interactions with individuals who present themselves differently online than in person, fail to show up, or are not genuine people.

It offers features like refined matchmaking based on user profiles, confirmed identities, and a curated community.dat(ai)ng allows users to receive insights into why they may not be an ideal match for their desired partner.

It also handles prepaid reservation refunds for unsuccessful dates.The app's AI assistant, Cupid, assists users in generating the perfect date ideas by considering both parties' preferences and budgets.

It further allows users to earn rewards through data optimization and personalized suggestions for affordable trips, restaurants, and activities.Furthermore, dat(ai)ng provides the option for VR dating, enabling users to create custom virtual worlds, items, and experiences to get to know their matches without the need for physical meetings.

Users can also ask Cupid for advice or answer important questions before proceeding with a potential match.In summary, dat(ai)ng offers a comprehensive set of AI-powered features that aim to improve the efficiency and success rate of online dating while offering innovative options such as VR dating experiences and personalized matchmaking.


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