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Decentralized talent matchmaking system for jobs.
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Somhako is a protocol-based decentralized social network that aims to integrate the entire talent industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, it ensures data protection and facilitates highly productive activities.

The platform offers a range of features and benefits for job seekers and employers. Users can create an account and input detailed resumes and skills for enhanced job matching.

They can access curated job listings from top global companies in their respective industries. Additionally, Somhako allows users to earn tokens through various activities and provides a wallet integration feature.

The platform also offers a Talent Center where users can explore opportunities and a Dashboard for organizations to manage their talent acquisition processes.

Somhako's protocol enables secure and efficient interactions within the talent industry. Although the text mentions the availability of a blog and ways to follow Somhako on LinkedIn, Discord, and Twitter, it does not provide further information on the content or purpose of these channels.Overall, Somhako strives to streamline the job search and recruitment processes by providing a seamless user experience, trackable digital resumes, and improved application experiences.

It aims to revolutionize the talent industry by leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology, ensuring data privacy, and offering a comprehensive ecosystem for both job seekers and employers.


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Somhako was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Decentralized talent matchmaking system
Resumes and skills input
Access to curated jobs
Integrated wallet feature
Token reward system
Blockchain for data protection
Talent Centre for opportunities
Integrated acquisition process
Seamless user experience
Digital resumes tracking
Improved application experience
Job and recruitment streamlining
Detailed account creation
Job matching process
Profile update capability
Top global companies listing
Organizational dashboard feature
Protocol-based operations
Comprehensive talent industry ecosystem
Data privacy assurance


Decentralized system may complicate troubleshooting
Requires blockchain understanding
Wallet integration necessary
Primarily relies on token-based rewards
Absence detailed information on channels
Requires detailed profile input
Not clear about data ownership
Lacks distinct job application improvements
No real-time customer support
No information around scaling performance


What is Somhako?
What are the main features of Somhako?
How does Somhako leverage blockchain technology?
What benefits does Somhako offer job seekers?
How can employers use Somhako?
Can I earn tokens on Somhako?
What is the Somhako wallet integration feature?
What does the Talent Center on Somhako offer?
What can I do with the Dashboard on Somhako?
How does Somhako protocol improve interaction in the talent industry?
How does Somhako ensure data protection?
Can I follow Somhako on LinkedIn, Discord, and Twitter?
What does a trackable digital resume mean on Somhako?
How does Somhako improve the job application experience?
Can Somhako be used globally?
How do I create an account on Somhako?
Can I see job listings from top companies on Somhako?
How does Somhako aim to revolutionize the talent industry?
How does using Somhako enhance job matching?
What is the purpose of the SOMHAKO blog?

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