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Revolutionizing your recruitment with AI-driven interviews.
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FirstRound is an AI-driven platform designed to transform and enhance the recruitment process. It features an AI interviewer named Liam, which generates interview and follow-up questions tailored to each candidate's resume.

Liam's dialogue is driven by advanced AI voice technology, making interviews efficient, personal, and insightful. The platform's innovative features also provide in-depth analytics on interview results, contributing to a comprehensive evaluation of candidates.

The AI system scores candidates based on the relevance and depth of their knowledge, providing immediate feedback after interviews. Additionally, it provides detailed tips for improvement, thereby aiding candidates in their professional growth.

For recruiters and hiring managers, FirstRound is equipped with a dashboard that presents a consolidated view of open positions and their respective analytics.

It also allows access to candidates' video answers, and gives machine and human ratings, streamlining the hiring process. Despite its advanced feature set, FirstRound maintains a more natural, less pressured interview environment by enabling its AI technology to adapt to candidate responses.

This makes the platform suitable for businesses across different sizes aiming to improve their recruitment processes. Its plans range from Starter for new companies, Pro for mid-sized businesses with more interviews, to customizable Enterprise solutions for larger corporations.


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FirstRound was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 25th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Tailored interview questions
Follow-up questions feature
Provides in-depth analytics
Scores candidates' knowledge
Immediate feedback post-interview
Detailed improvement tips
Consolidated view dashboard
Access to video answers
Features machine and human ratings
Adapts to candidate responses
Suitable for various business sizes
Customizable Enterprise solutions
Streamlines hiring process
Resume analysis
Recruiter-specific dashboard
Predictive analytics
Positions and analytics overview
Enhances recruitment process
Optimizes hiring
Skill evaluation
Supports professional growth
Startups-friendly plan
Efficiently manages HR resources
Personalized interview experience
Offers different pricing plans


Lacks offline functionality
No mobile application
Lacks integration with existing HR systems
Pricing model may not be cost-effective for small businesses
Might have a steep learning curve
Relies heavily on quality of resumes
No mention of data encryption
Lacks multi-language support
Automation may overlook unique qualities of candidates


What is the main purpose of FirstRound?
How does Liam, the AI interviewer in FirstRound, generate questions for the interviewees?
In what ways does FirstRound utilize advanced AI voice technology?
What types of insights can be gained from FirstRound's in-depth analytics?
How does FirstRound score candidates?
What kind of feedback does FirstRound provide to candidates?
Can you explain the features of FirstRound's dashboard for recruiters and hiring managers?
What makes FirstRound's interview environment more natural and less pressured?
How does FirstRound's AI technology adapt to candidate responses?
Who is the target audience for FirstRound's services?
What are the different pricing plans available in FirstRound?
How does FirstRound help new companies with their recruitment process?
What additional features does FirstRound offer to mid-sized businesses and larger corporations?
How does FirstRound revolutionize the recruitment process?
What are the features of FirstRound's AI interviewer?
What benefits do recruiters and hiring managers gain from using FirstRound?
How are open positions analyzed on FirstRound's platform?
How does FirstRound optimize the hiring process?
How can candidates view their video answers through FirstRound?
What is the role of human and machine ratings in FirstRound's recruitment process?

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