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Automated virtual recruiting for talent acquisition.
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Holly is an AI-powered virtual recruiter designed to automate talent acquisition processes. The tool finds and vets candidates, engages with them on behalf of the recruiter, and learns from feedback to continuously improve the candidate outreach.

Holly creates a list of vetted candidates on a weekly basis after the recruiter provides the job description and answers questions. The recruiter approves the list before Holly starts reaching out to candidates through various integrations such as LinkedIn and Slack.

Holly is trained on hundreds of open roles and has vetted thousands of candidates, enabling her to understand the requirements for deeply technical roles and avoid spam and fake profiles.

The tool is designed to behave and think like a human recruiter, making it easy for recruiters to interact with her and focus on the aspects of the hiring process that matter the most.

Holly learns from feedback, enabling her to continuously improve the candidate outreach and ensure future candidates are an even better match. Holly provides a cost-effective solution to talent acquisition by reducing the time and effort required in the hiring process, making it the perfect tool for companies in search of top talent.

Overall, Holly is an effective and efficient solution to talent acquisition, delivering quality candidates at a fraction of the cost of traditional talent acquisition processes.


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Apr 5, 2024
If you're looking to source, vet and engage with candidates on autopilot: getting Holly on your team is the way to go.

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Pros and Cons


Automates talent acquisition
Vets candidates automatically
Engages candidates on behalf
Continuous learning from feedback
Weekly creation of vetted list
Integration with LinkedIn and Slack
Understands deeply technical roles
Avoids spam and fake profiles
Mimics human recruiter
Cost-effective solution
Time saving
Efficient delivery of quality candidates
Always learning
Plugin for LinkedIn


No mobile app
No in-house integration
Weekly updates only
No live chat support
Limited to English language
No open API
Spam detection unclear
Depends on LinkedIn/Slack
No customizable outreach templates
Feedback-based learning unclear


How does Holly find and vet candidates?
What type of feedback does Holly learn from?
What platforms does Holly integrate with?
How does Holly engage with candidates on behalf of recruiters?
What formats does Holly accept job descriptions in?
How does Holly adapt to understanding deeply technical roles?
How does Holly create a list of vetted candidates every week?
What distinguishes Holly from human recruiters?
How does Holly avoid spam and fake profiles?
How often does Holly update the vetted list of candidates?
Beyond LinkedIn and Slack, where else can Holly work?
How does Holly help reduce the cost of talent acquisition?
What level of interaction can I have with Holly?
How does Holly ensure that future candidates are a better match?
How does Holly automate the talent acquisition process?
Can you customize how Holly interacts with candidates?
Does Holly require constant feedback?
How does Holly handle candidate outreach?
What exactly does 'Holly is trained on hundreds of open roles' mean?
How exactly does Holly 'think and behave like a human recruiter'?

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