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Experience the future of recruiting: objective, efficient, AI-driven!
Generated by ChatGPT is an online assessment platform designed specifically for recruiters. Its primary function is to aid in the process of hiring by providing means for advanced candidate evaluation.

The platform leverages AI capabilities to bring a new level of precision and efficiency to recruitment procedures. Key features include interactive assessments designed to accurately measure candidate skill levels and competence across various criteria.

However, the platform does not merely focus on job-specific skills, but rather offers a holistic evaluation of candidates, including their potential alignment with organisational culture. also includes the capability to monitor and improve hiring models to ensure continued effectiveness. Additionally, the platform offers live interview scorecards, a tool providing a detailed and data-driven assessment of a candidate's abilities.

This feature aims to help recruiters make informed decisions swiftly and with confidence. Another significant feature is the customization possibilities for each position, allowing a tailored hiring process that focuses on unique job abilities and skills. presents a comprehensive solution aimed at elevating the hiring process to discover top talent.


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Pros and Cons


Targeted at recruiters
Advanced candidate evaluation
Holistic candidate evaluation
Organisational culture alignment
Live interview scorecards
Position-focused hiring customization
In-built hiring model improvement
Interactive assessments
Data-driven decisions
Aimed at top talent discovery
Detailed customization for positions
Ensures continued effectiveness
Potential for increased hiring precision
Facilitates swift decision making
Focus on unique skills
Helps alleviate guesswork
High assessment completion rates


BETA phase
No mobile app
No multi-language support
No free trial
Limited customization options
No shortlisting feature
No integration with HRIS
Not designed for small businesses


What is the primary function of
How does use AI in the recruitment process?
What are the key features of
Can measure a candidate's skill levels accurately?
Does offer evaluations of candidates beyond job-specific skills?
What does 'potential alignment with organisational culture' mean in's holistic candidate evaluation?
How does help improve hiring models?
What are live interview scorecards on
How does help make swift and confident recruiting decisions?
How can be customized for each job position?
What unique job abilities and skills does focus on?
How can help me find top talent for my company?
Can aid in objective and efficient recruitment?
How does create interactive assessments?
How does assist in measuring a candidate's skills and competence across various criteria?
What does it mean that offers a 'personalized' hiring experience?
How does enhance its model's effectiveness?
What is the completion rate of
How does the live candidate interview scorecard feature on work?
How does help recruiters say goodbye to guesswork in hiring?

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