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Automate your recruiting with juucy AI.
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Juucy is an AI-powered automation tool designed to streamline the recruiting process, specifically targeting hiring tech talent. Its primary function is to optimize recruitment tasks such as outreach and resume screenings by leveraging a unique data platform.

In addition to automating the initial processes, the platform continuously learns and improves over time based on feedback, in order to enhance results and efficiencies.

Beyond the AI capabilities, Juucy employs human expertise in the form of Talent Acquisition Managers who work alongside the AI system to ensure effective and accurate candidate selection.

The service is designed to deliver pre-qualified, ready-to-hire candidates in 24 - 72 hours, aiming to reduce both time and cost spent on the hiring process.

Juucy is focused on tech roles, with access to a large pool of active candidates primarily located in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. Although specifically designed to handle the entire recruitment process, Juucy can also be easily incorporated into existing recruiting systems as an additive tool.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines recruiting process
Optimizes recruitment tasks
Unique data platform
Continuously improves from feedback
Human expertise augmentation
24 - 72 hr candidate delivery
Reduces hiring time and cost
Specializes in tech roles
Access to active Eastern Europe and Ukraine candidates
Incorporates into existing systems
Outreach and resume screening automation
Enhanced result and efficiency focus
Qualified, ready-to-hire candidates
Works 24/7
5x cost-efficient vs agencies
90% faster in tech roles placement
80,000+ active tech candidates
Full-time and freelance contract options
Automated relevant profile identification
Employer brand presentation
Syncs with major ATS
Personalized pricing
No new software required
Four step vetting process
Video assessment for soft skills
Ongoing performance monitoring
Allows team collaboration


Limited to tech roles
Focus on Eastern Europe/Ukraine
Requires active feedback loop
Limited integration with ATS
24-72 hours response time
Incorporates human decision-making
Limited candidate pool size
Not stand-alone (additive tool)
Unclear implementation process
Vetting process not automated


How does Juucy optimize recruitment tasks?
What specific tasks can Juucy automate in the recruitment process?
How does Juucy's learning and improvement process work?
What role do Talent Acquisition Managers play in Juucy?
How does Juucy ensure accuracy in candidate selection?
What is the expected time-frame for Juucy to deliver ready-to-hire candidates?
What are the cost and time reduction benefits of using Juucy?
Does Juucy specialize in specific types of tech roles?
Where does Juucy's pool of candidates come from?
Can Juucy be integrated with existing recruiting systems?
Does Juucy provide recruiting for full-time and freelance roles?
How does Juucy interact with job applicants?
How does Juucy help in employer branding?
How can one book a demo with juucy?
How does Juucy augment Human work in recruitment process?
What is the reach of Juucy in terms of active candidates?
How does Juucy benefit businesses with hard-to-fill tech roles?
What are the experiences of existing clients with Juucy's services?
How does Juucy sync with current Applicant Tracking Systems?
Does using Juucy require implementation of new software?

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