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Automated candidate sourcing and intelligent matching.
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AI-Recruiter is a web-based tool that enhances LinkedIn recruitment by leveraging AI and browser automation. It automates various recruitment processes such as candidate sourcing, intelligent matching, personalized engagement, and informed shortlisting.

The tool employs AI algorithms to scan job posts, extract keywords, and execute precise LinkedIn searches, making the candidate discovery process effortless.

It also evaluates candidate-job alignment through AI-driven questioning, facilitating accurate matches and informed selections.AI-Recruiter enables recruiters to engage with candidates through LinkedIn, InMail, or email, automatically.

It provides meaningful conversations with candidates, as AI answers and gauges interest, seamlessly collecting relevant information. The tool offers several features powered by AI, including a smart AI assistant that rates profiles, answers questions, and assists in candidate selection.

It also provides automated workflows that adapt based on candidate status, sending requests and follow-ups, reducing manual effort.The tool supports customizable messages with various templates for different communication purposes, ensuring personalized engagement throughout the recruitment process.

AI-Recruiter operates locally on users' devices, ensuring secure browser automation without sharing LinkedIn credentials. It is compatible with multiple platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Docker, allowing flexibility in deployment.

Additionally, it offers multi-account management, enabling recruiters to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts within one campaign, expanding candidate outreach possibilities.According to client feedback, AI-Recruiter stands out among other recruitment tools due to its remarkable AI capabilities in asking job-specific questions and making accurate candidate matches.

It streamlines the recruitment process, improves hiring success rates, and saves valuable time for recruiters.


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