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Embrace the future of hiring with AI-driven interviews.
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SINT is an AI tool focused on revolutionizing the hiring process by promoting merit and potential-based recruitment. It utilizes advanced AI technology to offer several key features.

Firstly, it enables AI-driven CV evaluations, eliminating hours spent on manually sifting through resumes. The toolcarries out fair and objective analysis of CVs, spotlighting pertinent qualifications and experiences.

This priority on a candidate's capabilities contributes to a more unbiased evaluation process. Secondly, SINT provides an innovative Interview Simulation feature.

This allows candidates to go through a simulated interview process, demonstrating their skills and responses under a regulated situation. The tool provides insights into how candidates perform under pressure, ensuring that final hiring decisions are based on their abilities.Thirdly, the tool includes a performance dashboard offering real-time analysis of candidate performances.

This function enables company owners and hiring managers to stay continually informed, track evaluations, review interview simulations, and base hiring decisions on data-backed insights.

Committed to augmenting job seekers' preparation for interviews as well as transforming companies' hiring protocols, SINT utilizes AI technology, real-world simulations, and data-driven feedback.

Not only does it equip job seekers with needed confidence and expertise but it also provides companies with an efficient recruitment process. SINT, thus, serves as a comprehensive AI-powered platform offering immersive interview skill enhancement and unbiased assessment facilities.


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Pros and Cons


CV evaluation automation
Fair, unbiased CV analysis
Spotlights relevant qualifications
Interview Simulation feature
Simulated interview practice
Insights on pressure performance
Performance dashboard
Real-time candidate analysis
Data-backed hiring decisions
Unbiased evaluation focus
Outcome based on abilities
Real-world interview simulations
Data-driven interview preparation
Efficient recruitment process
Merit and potential-based
Data-Driven Hiring process


No cost information
No API mentioned
Lacks customization
No industry specializations
No clear data privacy
No offline access
No multilingual support
No information on scalability
No mobile app
Limited customer support


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