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People-first technology to hire at scale
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ClousH is an AI-driven hiring technology designed to optimize the recruitment process for businesses, particularly startups. The tool aims to improve the overall quality of the hiring cycle, enabling companies to identify and engage with suitable candidates more efficiently.

The technology is centered on creating human connections and incorporates a people-first approach to recruitment. ClousH is intended to augment human intelligence in the recruitment process rather than replace it.

This tool's functionalities include the creation, publishing, and sharing of job openings with just a few clicks, facilitating seamless scheduling and conduct of interviews.

ClousH also emphasizes the engagement with potential candidates to enhance the talent pool. In addition, the software comes packed with advanced technology-driven analytics to optimize the companies' recruitment efforts.

It offers several programs, such as the Referral Program and Startups Program, providing various benefits from free platform access to professional HR advice sessions for HR professionals and startups.

With integrated support, businesses can automate updates on job openings and plan their interview schedules accordingly. In ClousH's vision, recruiters should focus more on meeting new talent rather than the administrative aspects of recruiting.


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Pros and Cons


Optimized hiring process
Engagement with candidates
Human-connections focused
Scheduling and conducting interviews
Creation, publishing, sharing jobs
Integrated support for businesses
Job opening auto-updates
Referral and Startups programs
Professional HR advice access
Advanced recruitment analytics
People-first approach
Hiring at scale
HR professionals and startups benefits
Time-to-hire reduction
Candidate churn prevention
Productivity improvement
Frictionless interview scheduling
Pre-qualified candidates
Time to hire reduction
Connection of apps
Tailored job opening creation
Efficient talent recycling
Advanced technology-driven analytics
HR market insights newsletter
Automated job opening status updates
Automated interview scheduling
Easy creation, publishing, sharing jobs


No mobile app mentioned
No mention of multilingual support
Unclear integration options
No ATS integration specified
Not available globally
Lack of transparent pricing
No offline mode mentioned
No role-based access controls
No diversity analytics
No social media recruiting

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