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ByAbraham Pilcer
Recruitment assistant for finding top candidates quickly.
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Find an assistant
Screen resumes
Draft interview questions
Decide between candidates
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RecruitPro is a GPT designed to streamline the recruitment process. It is an ideal tool for hiring managers and recruiters in need of assistance in finding top-tier candidates in a timely and efficient manner.

The abilities of this GPT range from sourcing potential candidates to screening resumes, drafting appropriate interview questions, and assisting in decision making between candidates.

Through these functions, RecruitPro seeks to curb the challenges that come with traditional recruitment such as time consumption, bias, and the difficulties of choosing the most suitable candidate from a pool of talent.

RecruitPro provides a unique approach to digitizing the recruitment process thus saving significant time while maintaining the quality of hires. Its functionality is built on top of ChatGPT and is designed to facilitate a seamless interaction for users.

Toward this end, it offers a welcoming and engaging onboarding experience, given its prompt starters such as 'Find an assistant', 'Screen resumes', and 'Draft interview questions'.

RecruitPro harnesses the power of AI to improve decision-making in recruitment and deliver a faster, less biased, and more efficient hiring process.


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