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Automated high-volume hiring with candidate analytics.
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TurboHire is a recruitment automation software that provides powerful technology and automation for everyone involved in recruiting. It offers 59+ features across 10 hiring modules to address recruitment challenges, such as high volume hiring, hyper-growth, candidate experience, and global recruitment.

TurboHire provides end-to-end recruitment solutions with 10 powerful product modules, including talent discovery, interview automation, candidate engagement, recruiting dashboards, referrals and internal jobs, applicant tracking, agency management, requisition and approvals, offer and onboarding, and admin and set-up.

It also offers a toolkit for HR professionals that includes a dictionary, calculator, and HR toolkit, among others.TurboHire creates a single repository of resume and job data that provides 5 automation modules for sourcing, screening, engagement, interview, and offer, leading to the automation of 85% of manual recruiting activities.

The analytics layer encompasses all activities of all stakeholders to provide increased visibility into the recruitment process. TurboHire helps in sourcing new candidates from various job boards and makes sourcing from vendors easy with automated permission management and audit tracking.

It also digitizes the process of job requisition creation and approvals based on enterprise needs. All resumes are automatically converted into searchable smart cards for effective search.

TurboHire is globally compliant and is used by large enterprises, mid-market companies, and fast-growing startups, with case studies across major industries like IT, manufacturing, BFSI, pharma, among many more.


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Pros and Cons


59+ features across 10 modules
End-to-end recruitment solutions
Automates 85% of recruiting
High-volume hiring capabilities
Powerful analytics layer
Automated permission management for sourcing
Audit tracking in sourcing
Job requisition digitization
Smart card conversion for resumes
Global compliance
Serving various business sizes
Automated interview scheduling
Bulk candidate communication via email, SMS, WhatsApp
Video response collection from candidates
Customizable approval workflow for offering
Automated formulas for salary calculation
Digital signature on offer letters
Built-in report library
Custom report builder
Interactive dashboard for analytics
Significant reduction in time-to-hire
Improved productivity of recruitment teams
Integration with leading HRMS providers
Special features for graduate recruiting
Diversity hiring features
Automated behavioural interviews for sales recruiting
Offers 50+ integrations
Compatible with multiple geographies & non-linear processes
ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC 2, EEO compliance


No mobile application
Limited integration options
Complex set-up process
Possibly too many features
Non-user-friendly interface
Limited candidate sourcing channels
Few notifications and alerts
Limited language options
Inconsistent user experience
Limited customizability of dashboards


What is TurboHire?
What are the key features of TurboHire's software?
What are the different product modules provided by TurboHire?
How does TurboHire handle high-volume hiring?
Can TurboHire be used for global recruitment?
Does TurboHire help in sourcing candidates?
How does TurboHire's AI automation assist in the job requisition process?
What is the role of smart cards in TurboHire's recruitment process?
What industries does TurboHire specialize in?
What type of companies use TurboHire?
Can TurboHire automate the interview scheduling and feedback collection?
How does TurboHire manage recruitment analytics?
Can TurboHire automate the offer and onboarding process?
Does TurboHire provide any toolkit for HR professionals?
Does TurboHire have any awards or recognitions?
Is TurboHire compliant globally?
What types of companies are using TurboHire?
Does TurboHire offer any trial or demo?
How does TurboHire assist with candidate engagement?
What types of integrations does TurboHire offer?

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