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Your AI recruiter - source passive candidates with automated talent sourcing.
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Fetcher is an Artificial Intelligence recruiting tool designed to source passive candidates, allowing recruiters to focus more on the candidate experience rather than the sourcing process.

This software aids in recruiting underrepresented talent and offers a personalized diversity search criteria feature to help build a well-represented pipeline.

Fetcher uses advanced technology to automatically source high-quality candidate profiles that match the user's hiring requirements. The tool also promotes the user's brand to knowledge workers across various professionals such as engineering, finance, product, ops, marketing, sales, CS and more.

Fetcher provides robust technology integrations with ATS, CRM, email, calendar, and Slack, aiming to boost team productivity. The tool also features verified personal email addresses to ensure reliable candidate contact information.

Companies at all stages of growth might find Fetcher useful, with its advanced sourcing capabilities and fast operational tempo.


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Fetcher was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Sourcing passive candidates
Recruits underrepresented talent
Personalized diversity search criteria
Automatic profile matching
Brand promotion across professions
Robust tech integrations
ATS, CRM, email integration
Calendar, Slack integration
Verified personal email addresses
Suits companies at all growth stages
Improves team productivity
Alleviates sourcing process
Enhances candidate experience
Supports multiple professional fields
High operational tempo
Trusted by top recruiting teams
High-quality candidate sourcing
Reliable contact information
Ambitious company clientele
Helps meet diversity goals
Efficient candidate batch review
Automated email campaigns
Saves sourcing costs
CSS integration
Privacy Statement, Opt Out options
Smart recruitment analytics
High average open rates
Easy integration process
Efficient vetting time
High response rate
Savings Calculator


Limited professional fields coverage
No mobile app support
Diversity criteria may lack specificity
Potential data privacy concerns
Lack of advanced analytics features
Possible miss in active candidates
Reliance on external software integrations
Lack of customization for branding
Doesn't support multi-language
No reporting feature specified


What is Fetcher?
How does Fetcher find candidates?
Does Fetcher offer options for sourcing underrepresented talent?
Can Fetcher promote my brand to knowledge workers?
In which professional fields Fetcher can help source candidates?
What types of technology does Fetcher integrate with?
Does Fetcher ensure verified personal email addresses of the sourced candidates?
Is Fetcher suitable for companies at all stages of growth?
Can Fetcher help in sourcing passive candidates?
How does Fetcher contribute to diversity in the recruitment process?
Does Fetcher have a feature for personalized diversity search criteria?
How can Fetcher boost a team's productivity?
Does Fetcher facilitate automated talent sourcing?
Does Fetcher assure high-quality candidate profiles?
How does Fetcher help in enhancing the candidate experience?
Can Fetcher fit into organizational workflow?
Does Fetcher aid job recruitment process?
Does Fetcher replace the need for traditional sourcing method?
What kind of response time does Fetcher offer?
How does Fetcher's AI technology function in recruiting top talent?

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