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Automated hiring assistant.
Generated by ChatGPT is an intelligent assistant designed to streamline and automate the hiring process. This tool acts as a co-pilot, managing various aspects of recruitment to save time and increase efficiency.

Unlike traditional methods, uses generative AI to expedite the hiring process, completing tasks 100 times faster than a human.The tool automates talent search by generating job descriptions and custom screening questions for any role.

It also simplifies the application process, allowing candidates to apply with a single click instead of filling out lengthy forms. extracts and analyzes candidate information to provide detailed insights, including resume evaluation and suggestions for improvement.The Co-Pilot feature of instantly evaluates and matches candidates to job requirements, eliminating the need for manual screening.

Its advanced AI solution filters candidates accurately and efficiently. Users can interact with the tool using natural language, asking questions and scheduling tasks without privacy concerns.Additionally, offers an accelerated talent search by recommending suitable candidates from a large database.

Users can upload resumes and receive instant candidate recommendations. The tool also allows benchmarking candidates against existing employee resumes to identify the best is praised for its state-of-the-art intelligence, data-driven hiring decisions, privacy-preserving interactions, and access to a rapidly expanding candidate community.

The tool comes with world-class support and has received positive feedback from satisfied clients.Overall, offers organizations an enhanced and efficient hiring process, saving time and reducing costs, ultimately helping build high-performing teams.


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Pros and Cons


Generates job descriptions
Creates custom screening questions
One-click candidate application
Detailed candidate information analysis
Instant resume evaluation
Candidate suggestions for improvement
Instant candidate-job match
Natural language interaction
Privacy-preserving interaction
Accelerated talent search
Instant candidate recommendations from database
Candidate benchmarking against current employees
World-class support
Saves time
Reduces costs
Automates entire hiring process
Data-driven hiring decisions
Access to large candidate database


No API integration
Lacks diversity in sourcing
No passive candidate sourcing
Unclear data privacy specifications
No integration with job boards
No support in various languages
No direct communication with candidates
No feature for interview scheduling
No built-in video interviewing
Lacks continuous learning capabilities


What is the purpose of
How does automate the hiring process?
Can create job descriptions and screening questions?
Can candidates apply for jobs on with a single click?
How does evaluate and analyze candidate information?
How does the Co-Pilot feature of work?
How does handle privacy concerns while interacting with users?
Can recommend candidates from a large databse?
Does offer resume analysis and feedback?
How does compare candidates to existing employee resumes?
Does have a natural language processing feature?
Can schedule tasks?
How does identify suitable candidates for a job?
Can I upload resumes on for instant candidate recommendations?
Is there a trial version of that I can try out before purchasing?
How does help organizations save time and reduce hiring costs?
What kind of support does offer to users?
Can access a large active candidate database?
How does help in building high-performing teams?
Why should I choose over other recruiting tools?

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