Job recruitment 2023-12-16
Revolutionize your recruitment with AI-powered sorting.
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Dover AI Applicant Sorting is an AI tool designed to streamline the selection process in recruitment. The tool provides a hassle-free platform to sort and review job applications quickly.

The main purpose of this tool is to optimize the time-consuming process of reviewing resumes and replying to applicants. By AI-powered sorting, it promotes the best candidates to the top, highlighting candidates that best suit the applied role.

Dover's AI can be instructed to find a precise match, enabling recruiters to locate specific data points that align with the set criteria. Alongside sorting, the tool offers an AI-chat powered assistant to ease the communication process with all applicants.

Dover also provides a complete understanding of skillsets, role requirements, and company context that assists in effective talent evaluation. In addition, it has a feature of importing existing applicants from an existing Applicant Tracking System or attracting new ones by posting jobs free on Dover's ATS.

The tool also addresses concerns of AI bias in applicant sorting and provides reassurances of a fair evaluation for each applicant. Overall, Dover AI Applicant Sorting helps companies increase their recruiting efficiency.


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Dover was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 24th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Optimizes reviewing resumes
Speeds up replying to applicants
Promotes best candidates
Finds precise match
Locates specific data points
Understands skillsets
Understands role requirements
Understands company context
Imports existing applicants
Posts jobs free on ATS
Trustworthy, used by top companies
Easy scheduling and rejections
Efficient applicant ranking
Fast applicant processing
Free ATS
Job board integrations
Tracks candidates
Extremely efficient
Provides fair evaluation


Limited to recruitment sector
Absence of external API
Dependent on Applicant Tracking System
Possibility of overlooked talents
Reliant on text-based applications
No multilingual support
Finite data point search
Restricted to best match


What is Dover AI Applicant Sorting?
How does Dover AI Applicant Sorting work?
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How does Dover's AI find a precise match?
What role does the AI-chat powered assistant play in Dover?
Is there any AI bias in Dover's applicant sorting?
What steps does Dover take to ensure a fair evaluation for each applicant?
How does Dover AI Applicant Sorting help increase recruiting efficiency?
Can Dover AI Applicant Sorting optimize the review and reply process?
What are the features of Dover AI Applicant Sorting?
Does Dover provide any data points to recruiters?
Can current applicants be imported to Dover's ATS?
Does Dover allow for posting new jobs for free?
Does Dover understand the context of role requirements?
How can Dover aid in effective talent evaluation?
What type of criteria can I filter for using Dover's AI?
Can I score resumes I already have from a job using Dover?
How does AI Applicant Sorting fit in with Dover’s ATS?
Why is Dover's AI Applicant Sorting tool free?
What are the companies that trust Dover's AI Applicant Sorting?

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