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Automate screening interviews with an AI Recruiter.
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ChattyHiring is an AI Interviewer platform, designed to assist Talent Acquisition and recruiting teams to automate the process of screening interviews.

It aims to offer a faster recruitment process and aims to improve accuracy, with the intention of providing noteworthy cost savings to organisations. The platform upholds the principles of fair and unbiased evaluation for all applicants, thus supporting diversity and inclusivity in hiring processes.To augment recruitment processes, the platform offers features like AI Recruiter for candidate screening and AI-powered evaluation of candidates.

It also endeavors to enhance the experience for candidates and bolster employer branding. The platform is designed to help identify and assess the soft skills of candidates, aiming to provide deeper insights into each applicant's interpersonal and communication abilities.

It conducts an unbiased analysis based solely on the qualifications and skills of the applicants, essentially eliminating human bias and improving the accuracy of the screening process.To help recruitment managers, it automates the process, releasing them from tedious and repetitive work.

It provides detailed candidate profiles and insights to help identify the best fit for the organization. Additionally, it allows for immediate engagement with potential talent, supporting a global reach to candidates in different time zones and providing easy accessibility through platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram.Overall, ChattyHiring serves as an effective tool in expediting and automating the recruitment process while assuring fairness, accuracy and efficiency.


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Pros and Cons


Automates screening interviews
Upholds fair evaluation
Supports diversity and inclusivity
Identifies candidate’s soft skills
Eliminates human bias
Enhances employer branding
Detailed candidate profiles
Immediate engagement with candidates
Supports global reach
Accessible via WhatsApp, Telegram
Provides constructive feedback to candidates
50% better accuracy in screening
80% faster screening process
30% savings improvement
Offers 24/7 support
Convenient communication channels
Facilitates data-driven hiring decisions
Detects top candidates quicker
Boosts operational efficiency
Positions company as forward-thinking
Improves candidate satisfaction
Evaluates professional communication abilities
Improves recruitment accuracy


No candidate self-scheduling feature
Limited integration options
No video interviewing capabilities
No built-in ATS
Limited customer support channels
No mobile application
Only available in English
No job posting feature
No reporting or analytics tools
No multi-language support


What is the main purpose of ChattyHiring?
How does ChattyHiring assist in the recruitment process?
What features does ChattyHiring offer for candidate screening?
How does ChattyHiring help in maintaining unbiased hiring?
Can ChattyHiring identify and assess the soft skills of candidates?
Does ChattyHiring provide insights into each applicant's communication abilities?
In what ways does ChattyHiring automate the process for recruitment managers?
How can ChattyHiring help in improving the accuracy of the screening process?
Can ChattyHiring engage with potential talent immediately?
Does ChattyHiring support global reach to candidates in different time zones?
Is ChattyHiring accessible through WhatsApp and Telegram?
How does ChattyHiring uphold the principles of diversity and inclusivity in hiring processes?
Does ChattyHiring evaluate candidates only based on their qualifications and skills?
How does ChattyHiring boost employer branding?
Does ChattyHiring offer cost savings to organisations?
How does ChattyHiring provide detailed candidate profiles and insights?
How does ChattyHiring help in expediting the recruitment process?
Can ChattyHiring improve candidate experience?
Is ChattyHiring capable of immediate engagement with potential talent?
How efficient is ChattyHiring in automating the screening process?

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