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Software for managing recruitment process.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered hiring platform that helps streamline the recruitment process for HR professionals and startups. The software features a dashboard interface that allows users to manage candidates, schedule interviews, and review analytics in one place.

It also includes a suite of automated tools such as CV parsing, interview question sets, and interview scheduling. is GDPR compliant and offers both free and paid plans.

The free plan includes 50 CV parses and 10 interviews, while the paid plans offer unlimited CV parses and interviews with access to thousands of interview questions.

The platform also allows users to invite teammates to join with different roles, share the responsibility with HR teams, and free up headspace. helps companies save time and effort, recruit smarter, and secure top talents faster.


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Jun 9, 2023
It's interesting. Initially, I had some doubts, but I believe there's no harm in transforming the laborious recruiting process of the past into a lean flow yet still efficient one. I've read the document of IBM on how effectively they apply their internal AI (Watson?) for auto-recruiting. Now, it is a SaaS, kinda promising to use.

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Pros and Cons


Dashboard interface
Manage candidates in one place
Schedule interviews feature
Review analytics feature
Automated tools available
CV parsing tool
Automated interview scheduling
GDPR compliant
Both free and paid plans
Different roles for teammates
Team sharing features
Supports quick hiring
Offers thousands of interview questions
Facilitates more efficient recruitment
Assists in securing top talents
Reduces time on task
Functionality to track recruitment status
Built for HR professionals and startups
No-show prevention
Automated follow-ups after interviews
Provides tailored question sets
Supports multiple question types
Integrated Email support
Unlimited CV parsing (paid plans)
Unlimited interviews (paid plans)
Help in question design (premium plan)
User roles customization
Inbuilt email feature
Candidates and interview analytics
Track messages functionality
Solving the manual CV to spreadsheets problem
Automating recruitment mundane tasks
Track interviews' progress
Lifesaver for recruiters
Prevents scheduling conflicts


Limited free plan
No mobile application
Potential privacy concerns
Limited integration options
No live chat support
GDPR compliance uncertain
No offline functionality
User interface issues
Limited functionality in basic version
Storage limitations for interview videos


What is
How does automate the recruitment process?
What are the key features of
Is GDPR compliant?
What is the pricing for
What are the differences between the free and paid plans of
How can teams collaborate on
What kind of analytics does provide?
What kind of interview questions does offer?
How do I schedule interviews using
Can parse CVs?
How many CV parses and interviews are included in's free plan?
Does allow for different user roles within a team?
Can I create custom interview questions with
How can help save time in recruiting?
When was launched and who are its founders?
What is the customer feedback about
How secure is my data with
Does offer a free trial?
Where are's headquarters located?

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