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Offering business automation advice and coding assistance.
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The Business Automation Consults GPT is a type of tool specifically designed to offer highly specialized advice on business automation and deliver dedicated coding assistance.

Functioning as an app on top of the well-known ChatGPT, this GPT serves as a convo-tech expert, participating in in-depth consultations and discussions related to automating business processes.

It enables an interactive and engaging experience that is structured to enlighten users on how best to apply automation in their operations to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, this GPT is not limited to theoretical consultations, but extends its capabilities to offer hands-on coding assistance, potentially aiding in the practical application of automation advice.

To leverage this GPT's expertise, users can engage in either individual or trio consultations or switch to coding mode, depending on their specific needs and preferences.

Users must sign up to interact with this GPT and it requires the ChatGPT Plus subscription. Nevertheless, this GPT embodies a significant advancement in AI utilities that can prove valuable for both business owners seeking to streamline their operations and programmers seeking to refine their coding skills in automation.


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