Task automation 08 Dec 2022
AI assistant for efficient work

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Broadn: AI Assistant for Efficient Work

AI in Your Inbox: Broadn introduces an AI Assistant, Herbie, that you can access from email to manage tasks and increase productivity.

Herbie's Capabilities: More than just an assistant, Herbie can assist in a variety of domains including marketing, research, and sales. He can handle complex tasks autonomously, allowing users to focus on other priorities.

Interaction Mechanism: Users can task Herbie by sending him an email. Once the task is complete, he'll send an update.

Content Creation: Herbie has the capability to generate content. His online connectivity ensures the material is up-to-date and relevant.

Research: Instead of hiring a separate team for market analysis and research, Herbie can carry out these tasks. He can accomplish extensive research projects in significantly reduced time.

Business Analysis: Herbie can create presentations and analyze both internal and external data swiftly. He can process and interpret vast amounts of numerical data accurately.
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Pros and Cons


Accessible via email
Autonomous complex tasks handling
Versatile domain assistance
Timely task updates
Generates relevant content
Market analysis capability
Conducts research swiftly
Creates presentations
Analyzes large data sets
Speedy research completion
Personalized learning experience
Self-paced learning tool
Generates private courses
Advanced in ML/NLP
Tailored web content
Mobile app availability
Optimized learning through search


Only accessible via email
No phone or desktop app
Limited analysis capabilities
Content relevance not guaranteed
No interactive user interface
No real-time communication
No data security details
Lacks personalization features
Can't handle physical tasks


What is Broadn?
How does Herbie, the AI assistant in Broadn, work?
Is Herbie limited to email interactions only?
Can Herbie assist in research and marketing tasks?
How does Broadn help increase work productivity?
Does Herbie have content creation capabilities?
What are some tasks that Herbie can automate?
Is Broadn suitable for all types of businesses?
Does Broadn offer any services or features besides task automation?
Does Herbie require special software or can it be used via email?
Can Herbie analyse and interpret numerical data?
How can Herbie help in market analysis?
What kind of tasks can be assigned to Herbie via email?
Does Herbie have the ability to manage tasks autonomously?
What makes Broadn a good tool for increasing work efficiency?
Does Broadn also provide learning and development tools?
Is there a mobile app available for Broadn?
What is the 'AI-in-the-middle' newsletter Broadn offers?
Can Broadn tailor web content to my learning style?
How can I join the waitlist for Broadn?

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