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Organized task prioritization.
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⚡️ Hyperis is an AI-powered productivity tool designed to assist users in managing their daily tasks, schedules, and emails more effectively. Functioning akin to a personal administrative assistant, it leverages the capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance personal and professional organization.

At its core, Hyperis offers a comprehensive suite of features to tackle various organizational challenges. These include task management, where users can create, track, and prioritize tasks, ensuring that important activities do not slip through the cracks. In terms of schedule management, Hyperis provides tools to oversee appointments and commitments, possibly integrating with various calendar platforms for seamless synchronization.

A significant component of Hyperis is its email management system. Utilizing AI, it can help sort, prioritize, and possibly even respond to emails, thereby saving time and reducing the often overwhelming volume of daily correspondence. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals and individuals who handle a high volume of emails regularly.

Moreover, Hyperis boasts complete AI access, which likely includes functionalities like natural language processing and understanding. This feature could be instrumental in analyzing and summarizing documents, providing quick insights, and assisting in decision-making processes.

Overall, Hyperis positions itself as a versatile, AI-enhanced tool aimed at improving productivity and organizational efficiency, targeting users who seek a digital solution to manage their personal and professional tasks more efficiently.
Hyperis was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 23rd 2023.
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Feb 6, 2024
I tried using it but the website has too many bugs.
Jan 8, 2024
I think Simpler is now Hyperis. Please check out the website.
May 30, 2023
Hi Steven, we’ve addressed this by going through the Google Verification process and you’ll soon be able to link your Gmail and-or Google Calendar to your AI in simpler ✨

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Pros and Cons


Offline functionality
High-speed performance
Shared list creation
Secure authentication
256-bit AES encryption
Free basic version
Lifetime ownership
24/7 Customer Support
Free upgrades
30-day money-back guarantee
Clean user interface
Task importance calculation
Positive user reviews
Emphasis on privacy
Flexible sign up
Worldwide use
Individual task addition
Good user feedback response
Superior to competitors
Mission-oriented company
Limited time offers
Simple pricing
Unlimited todos
Unlimited categories
Unlimited tags
Priority feature requests
Free account
No credit card required
Online community
Multiple partner links
Clear legal information


Limited prioritization in free version
No desktop app mentioned
No native integration features
No collaborative editing
No multilingual support
No mention of data portability


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What customer support options does Hyperis offer?
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What do the users around the world say about Hyperis?
Can I use Hyperis without an internet connection?
What's the focus mode in Hyperis?
Does Hyperis have any limitations in the basic free version?
How secure is my personal data on Hyperis?
Does Hyperis offer free upgrades?
Is there a money-back guarantee on the lifetime version of Hyperis?
Can I request for priority features on Hyperis?
How can Hyperis help me in categorizing and tagging my to-dos?
Does Hyperis require credit card details for sign up?

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