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Improving productivity with insightful AI.
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Project Manda is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity and meeting culture within organizations. Leveraging insightful analytics, it provides users with clear, actionable insights to improve overall business efficiency.

One of the key features of Project Manda is its ability to analyze your organization's meetings, providing a transparent view of one of the biggest operating expenses.

This information allows for targeted efforts to boost meeting culture and productivity. The tool's friendly AI meeting assistant, Manda, serves as a personal meeting coach for every employee, fostering more productive and efficient meetings.

Manda can aid users in reviewing recurring meetings and offers assistance to maintain their effectiveness. Additional features of Project Manda include monitoring the usage of agendas, identifying optimal meeting sizes, as well as breaking default meeting times, which gives a comprehensive overview of meeting patterns.

This, in turn, facilitates more effective time planning and resource allocation. With feedback as a core aspect of the tool, Project Manda encourages users to gain feedback on the meeting processes, aiding the continual improvement of meeting cultures within the organization.Project Manda integrates smoothly with commonly used tools such as Google Calendar and Slack, providing a seamless user experience for clients without having to abandon their familiar workflows.

The tool is designed for individual users, teams as well as enterprise-level organizations making it scalable to different business needs. The commitment to improve functionality and more integration capabilities indicates the forward-thinking approach of the tool.


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Project Manda was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances productivity
Improves meeting culture
Provides insightful analytics
Analyzes meeting time
Offers transparency into expenses
Aids users with recurring meetings
Monitors agenda usage
Identifies optimal meeting sizes
Breaks default meeting times
Effective time and resource planning
Encourages continuous feedback
Smooth integration with popular tools
Scalable to varying business needs
Ongoing functionality improvements
Built for enterprise-level organizations
Tracks department meeting time
Attendee analytics for meeting invites
Meeting feedback mechanism
Integration with Google Calendar and Slack
Recurring meeting reviews
Impact review before changes
Assistance for expensive meeting reviews
Identifies meeting patterns
Future expansion of integration capabilities
Periodical assistance for meeting effectiveness


Limited integration options
No offline capability
No multi-language support
No customizable dashboard
No real-time analytics
No mobile app available
Automated suggestions may miss context
No advanced security measures
No mention of GDPR compliance


How does Project Manda analyze my organization's meetings?
What actionable insights does Project Manda provide to enhance business efficiency?
How does the AI meeting assistant, Manda, function?
How does Manda improve the effectiveness of recurring meetings?
How does Project Manda help in tracking the usage of agendas in meetings?
What does Project Manda mean by 'identifying optimal meeting sizes'?
How can Project Manda help to break the default meeting times?
How does Project Manda promote more effective time planning and resource allocation?
How does the feedback mechanism in Project Manda work?
How does Project Manda integrate with Google Calendar and Slack?
Is Project Manda suitable for individual users as well as enterprise-level organizations?
How scalable is Project Manda to different business needs?
How does Project Manda aid in improving productivity and meeting culture?
How does Project Manda facilitate a seamless user experience without having to abandon familiar workflows?
How does Project Manda ensure continual improvement of meeting cultures within an organization?
How does Project Manda provide visibility of the operating expenses related to meetings?
How does Project Manda help in identifying patterns in meeting behaviors?
What additional integration capabilities are projected for Project Manda?
What kind of personalized assistance can Manda provide for meeting reviews?
How does Project Manda help enhance resource allocation within an organization?

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