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AI assistant for managing and summarizing long meetings.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm your Meeting AssIstant, ready to manage your long meetings.
Sample prompts:
Can you help transcribe these audio notes?
What are the key points from this long lecture?
How should I summarize this lengthy meeting?
Can you assist in organizing these meeting recordings?
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Meeting AssIstant is a GPT developed to ease the management and summarization of lengthy meetings. It helps users by creating transcripts from spoken communication, turning long lectures into easily understood key points, and assisting in the organization of meeting recordings.

By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, Meeting AssIstant is designed to provide support in comprehending, recording, and summarizing extended interactions more efficiently and accurately.

This GPT is highly useful for professionals who frequently engage in enduring meetings and require a streamlined method for noting down important details and points for later reference.

Additionally, its transcript creation capabilities can be beneficial for anyone needing a textual representation of spoken content. Be it a student needing notes from a long lecture or a team leader wanting to summarize a team discussion; the tool can assist in reducing the task's complexity and time consumption.

Please note that using Meeting AssIstant requires ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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