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Converting meeting transcripts into precise minutes.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to transform your meeting transcripts into minutes.
Sample prompts:
Summarize these meeting notes.
Extract action items.
Who was assigned tasks?
Highlight decisions made.
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Minutes Maker is a generalized pretrained transformer (GPT) that is designed to simplify the process of converting meeting transcripts into minutes. The tool's primary function is to assist users in summarizing important details from a meeting, including key decisions made, action items assigned, and tasks delegated to various members.

Minutes Maker uses advanced language understanding algorithms to generate concise and understandable meeting minutes from a given set of raw meeting transcripts.

It is intelligently designed to highlight crucial information like decisions made during the meeting, ensuring users are well-informed about all the outcomes.

Moreover, it has the ability to extract and list action items, which are tasks that have been agreed to be undertaken. Additionally, it is capable of identifying the individuals who have been assigned to these tasks, aiding in accountability and transparency within the team or organization.

This GPT uses helpful and straightforward prompt starters such as 'Summarize these meeting notes,' 'Extract action items,' 'Who was assigned tasks?' and 'Highlight decisions made,' to facilitate the user in generating meeting summaries.

These prompt starters act as guide points, directing the AI to produce the desired results accurately. In essence, Minutes Maker aims to fulfill the need for an automated, efficient, and intelligent method of transforming verbose meeting transcripts into brief, explicit, and actionable meeting minutes.

By doing this, it helps to save time and effort while also ensuring clarity of communication within a professional context.Designed by AI&I, users can access the Minute Maker tool by signing up to ChatGPT Plus.

Its functionalities make it an ideal tool for professionals and businesses seeking to streamline their documentation processes


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Minutes Maker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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