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Focus on the discussion, not note-taking.
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Aigenda is an AI-assisted platform designed to streamline online meetings, lectures, and conferences. Its key focus lies in enabling users to concentrate on discussions, rather than note-taking.

This tool boosts efficiency by automatically transcribing meetings, formulating summaries, abbreviating conversations, and highlighting key agreements.

It further enhances the navigation of meeting information with its automatic meeting recording functions, which work seamlessly with popular applications such as Google Meet and Zoom.

The AI assistant records, processes, and dispatches results in a minimal time frame. Sharing these results is made effortless, as users can send a PDF summary or a detailed meeting results link with a single click.

Accommodating needs of different businesses, Aigenda offers various subscription plans that include different features. The tool integrates effectively with messengers like Telegram and can be accessed from anywhere via smartphone, making it a versatile utility for remote users.

It supports a wide range of languages, including Russian, English, German, French, Ukrainian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish, enabling global application.

Aigenda prioritizes user's security by implementing modern technical and organisational security measures, ensuring the safety of user's personal data.


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Aigenda was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 14th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic meeting transcriptions
Formulates meeting summaries
Abbreviates meeting conversations
Highlights key agreements
Navigation of meeting information
Integration with Google Meet
Integration with Zoom
Real-time processing
One-click meeting result share
Various subscription plans
Integration with Telegram
Accessible via smartphone
Versatile for remote users
Supports multiple languages
High-level security measures
Automated note-taking
Quick result dispatch
PDF summary availability
Detailed meeting results link
Accommodates business needs
Proficiency in Russian
Proficiency in English
Proficiency in German
Proficiency in French
Proficiency in Ukrainian
Proficiency in Spanish
Proficiency in Polish
Proficiency in Italian
Proficiency in Portuguese
Proficiency in Turkish
Offers meeting recording automation
Allows focus on discussion
Increases meeting efficiency
Prioritizes user's security
Safe personal data management
Quick summary generation
Task highlighting feature
Fast information search
Automatic recording and processing


Lacks an offline mode
Only integrates with Telegram
Not all features across plans
No free unlimited package
Extra charge for priority processing
Cumbersome for non-tech users
Absence of meeting analytics for lower plans
Transcription accuracy not specified
Security measures not detailed
No integration with Teams or Skype


What is Aigenda?
How does Aigenda streamline online meetings?
What are the main features of Aigenda?
Can Aigenda integrate with other apps like Google Meet and Zoom?
Does Aigenda only transcribe or does it also provide summaries?
Are there different subscription plans with Aigenda?
Can Aigenda work with popular messengers like Telegram?
Can Aigenda be used on smartphones?
Which languages does Aigenda support?
Does Aigenda prioritize user security?
What are the advantages of using Aigenda for online meetings?
How long does Aigenda take to record, process, and dispatch meeting results?
Is it easy to share Aigenda results?
How does Aigenda highlight key agreements in a meeting?
Can Aigenda be used globally?
Is the user personal data safe on Aigenda?
How does Aigenda's AI assistant assist in meetings?
Are there limits to the functionalities of Aigenda based on subscription plans?
How does Aigenda's automatic meeting recording work?
Does Aigenda have a search feature for meeting notes and information?

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