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Automates recording, transcribing, and summarizing of meetings.
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Krisp is a robust AI-powered tool built to assist individuals, teams, enterprises, and call centers with meeting transcription, summaries, and recording.

The tool offers seamless integration across various communication apps, and as such, enhances the flexibility of the user. The functionalities of Krisp range from recording online meetings and transcribing them in real-time to generating comprehensive meeting notes and summaries.The tool also includes an AI Noise Cancellation feature that helps to remove background noises, voices, and echoes from online meetings, fostering a clearer and distraction-free communication environment.

This feature is particularly beneficial for call centers where crystal clear conversations are crucial for a positive customer experience.Another innovative feature of Krisp is the AI Accent Localization which converts agents' accents in real-time to the customer's native accent to enhance understanding in communication.

This is particularly beneficial to global businesses that prioritize seamless communication with customers irrespective of geographical and linguistic differences.

For software developers and organizations aiming to integrate voice AI technologies into their product, Krisp offers an SDK, providing an added convenience.

Through various features, Krisp manages to streamline online communication and noise management during meetings, thereby improving team collaboration and productivity in various work settings.


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Pros and Cons


Single button noise elimination
Transcribes and summarizes meetings
Generates templates for notes
Free unlimited transcriptions
Bot-free experience
Works with any voice app
No plugins or extensions required
Compatible with SDK integration
Recognized by Gartner and Forbes
Secure local data processing
Real-time transcription
Automatic recording of meetings
Accent localization for global communication
Meeting transcription for call centers
Summarize and delegate tasks
Accurate 96% transcription
Secured meeting summary sharing
Automated note taking
Auto-generated action items
Cloud stored secure recordings
Real-time on-device transcription for calls
Supports 17+ dialects for localization
Female and male voice outputs for localization
Automated distribution of meeting notes
Meeting summaries for informed decision making
Task assignment automation
Synchronization of playback with transcriptions
Real-time accent adjustment
PII redaction in call transcription
Noise-free online meeting experience
Meeting transcription for clients' consultation
Multi-use: for individuals, teams, enterprises, call centers
Real-time insights from transcriptions
Meeting follow-ups automation
Easily editable meeting summaries


No multi-language transcription support
Doesn't specify storage limit
Dependency on stable Internet connection
Potential errors in automated summary
Transcription deletion permanent
Requires download and installation
Lack of transcription correction feature
Requires manual sharing of transcripts
Lack of on-screen notification for transcription


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