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Autopilot for your post-meeting tasks.
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Shadow is an AI tool aimed to streamline your post-meeting work. This tool listens and comprehends conversations, translating them into a variety of actionable tasks that enhances efficiency.

It is particularly designed to function without the presence of a bot, thus enabling smooth conversations. An important feature of Shadow is the ability to start listening whenever communication starts, making it a perfect tool for platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Once a conversation is concluded, Shadow produces transcripts and summaries with timestamps for future reference. It also helps accomplish different tasks such as writing meeting summaries, updating CRM and more based on the generated transcripts.

Shadow safeguards users' privacy by storing all recordings locally on users' devices, which can only be accessed with the user's permission. The tool is also constantly learning to offer more features and skills.

Shadow can be extremely valuable in a series of application areas like design feedback, bug reporting, customer support, asynchronous interviews, working across different time zones and sales outreach.

For instance, in design feedback scenarios, the tool allows concise feedback collection and simplifies the process of discussing changes. For bug reporting scenarios, it transforms traditional long written reports into more demonstrative reports, making the process efficient and easily understandable.

This robust tool hence significantly reduces manual workloads, leaving more time for essential tasks and improving overall workflow while prioritizing user privacy.


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ShadowDo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Post-meeting task automation
Streams meeting conversations
Automatic listening feature
Functional across platforms
Generates transcripts, summaries
Timestamps in transcripts
Automated CRM updating
Local storage of recordings
Permission-based data access
Continuous learning and development
Applicable to various areas
Simplifies design feedback collection
Demonstrative bug reporting
Supports asynchronous interviews
Offers customer support assistance
Facilitates post-meeting work
Timestamped summaries for reference
Handles follow-up tasks
Bot-free meeting recording
Helps work across timezones
Accesses data only with permission
Ensures user's privacy
Produces actionable tasks
Functions without bot presence
Prioritizes user privacy
Facilitates sales outreach
Reduces manual workloads
Improves workflow efficiency
Can start listening automatically
20x faster post-meeting task completion
Trusted by top brands
Ever-growing skills and features
Completes tasks based on conversations
Allows concise feedback collection


Requires user's permission for listening
Local storage may impact device
Doesn't specify compatibility with non-meeting platforms
Potential incongruity in transcripts
Limited feature detail for ongoing learning
Doesn't specify transcription languages supported
Doesn't specify data retention policy
May require significant network bandwidth
Possible delay in transcription generation
Task automation scope unclear


What exactly does Shadow do?
How does Shadow understand and use conversations?
What platforms is Shadow compatible with?
Does Shadow need permission to listen to conversations?
What type of tasks can Shadow help accomplish?
Where does Shadow store recordings and transcripts?
Can Shadow update CRM using conversation data?
Is my data safe and private with Shadow?
What unique features are Shadow currently developing?
How does Shadow facilitate design feedback?
How does Shadow help with bug reporting?
Can Shadow be used in customer support scenarios?
What makes Shadow an effective tool for asynchronous interviews?
Does Shadow support remote work and collaboration across different time zones?
How does Shadow impact sales outreach processes?
Can Shadow make comprehensive meeting summaries?
How does Shadow work without the presence of a bot?
Can Shadow help forget note-taking during a meeting?
Do meeting recordings need to be manually started or does Shadow have an autopilot mode?
Can other parties access the recordings made by Shadow?

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