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Your personal sidekick maximizing every interaction.
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Bloks is a comprehensive AI-powered tool designed to enhance professional interactions and meetings by ensuring users are well-prepared and never miss important details.

It acts as a sidekick to keep track of conversations and interactions across various platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Slack. Bloks prepares personalized briefs tailored to each context which include meeting minutes, professional and personal profiles of people, company information, pre-meeting notes and context-aware AI-generated summaries.

Furthermore, Bloks has a unique feature, capable of analyzing and distilling information from conversations, emails, attachments, the internet, and CRM.

It then proposes meeting objectives based on personality dynamics and produces AI-generated templates. The blocks tool also identifies conversation trends and users can even create their own custom templates.To further maximize user convenience, Bloks offers a unique 'Ask Bloks' feature, which enables users to chat with the tool and get answers and relationship intelligence similar to GPT-like intelligence.

It gives detailed meeting insights and relationship progress summaries, all aimed towards improving your professional repertoire.Bloks is also device-compatible, operating on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android, and ensures the safety and security of users' information with enterprise-grade, end-to-end encryption.

Whether you are a regular meeting attendee or a professional keen on maintaining relationships and maximizing interactions, Bloks offers an advanced solution for increased productivity and efficiency.

Bloks was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Boosts productivity by automation
Generates automatic meeting notes
Generates action items
Works on all calls
No intrusive bots/plugins
Customized solutions
Helps with follow-ups
Tracks to-do lists
Keeps records of past events
Tracks team and client progress
Transcribes in-person meetings
Transcribes video calls
Supports Zoom, Teams, Slack
High-level task overview
Professional interactions maximization
Cross-platform conversation tracking
Adapts context briefs
Analyzes conversations
CRM integration
Generates meeting insights
Chat function 'Ask Bloks'
GPT-like relationship intelligence
macOS, Windows, iOS, Android compatible
Enterprise-grade encryption
Provides meeting minutes
Suggests meeting objectives
Identifies conversation trends
Creates custom templates
Offers relationship progress summaries
Tracks interactions history
Analyzes internet and attachments
Briefs personalized for context
Auto-start and stop
Reports company highlights
Used by leading organizations
Gives detailed meeting insights
Instant information syncing
Identifies relationship progress
Provides personal profile
Generates meeting dynamics
AutoPilot feature


Requires continuous Internet connection
Limited CRM integration
Possibly redundant for infrequent meeting participants
High-level summaries may miss nuances
Unable to work offline
Possibly overwhelming for casual users
Supports only major conversation platforms
Depends heavily on users input for context
Lacks third-party plugin compatibility


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Is it possible to customize Bloks for my individual needs?
Can Bloks help me review my team's progress?
Can Bloks provide insights and data from my professional interactions?
How does Bloks integrate with CRM systems?
Does Bloks work across multiple devices and operating systems?
Is my data safe and secure on the Bloks platform?
Can Bloks help me prepare for my meetings?
Does Bloks work with enterprise-grade encryption to ensure information safety?
Can I use Bloks to track my relationships with clients and vendors?
Can the AI in Bloks analyze conversation trends?
Can Bloks manage records of past events automatically?
Does Bloks simplify the task of keeping track of my to-do lists?
Does Bloks provide a high-level overview of tasks to help with prioritization?
Can Bloks be used by teams as well as individuals?

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