Sembly AI
Auto-generated meeting summaries and follow-ups.

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Sembly AI is an AI-powered team assistant tool that helps to record, transcribe and generate a smart summary for professional meetings. It is capable of working with popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, gMeet, MS Teams and Webex, and automatically attends and records meetings.

The tool allows users to focus on discussion while it takes meeting notes, detects key action items and decisions, and pinpoints important topics, risks, events, requirements, along with speaker identification and clearing of filler words.Sembly AI generates AI meeting summaries with their unique feature termed 'Glance View™ meeting summary' that quickly gives users a complete idea about what the meeting was all about, the discussed topics, and the main outcomes.

In addition, Sembly AI can be used to automate follow-ups by generating and sharing meeting minutes with the relevant team members and integrating meeting insights (actions, decisions, commitments) with tools like Slack, Trello, and Todo Apps.The tool is designed to work with everyone from individuals to teams and enterprises, and it comes in the form of web application, iOS and Android applications, Chrome extension, Microsoft Teams, and Philips Smartmeeting.

Sembly AI is known for its ease of use, secure sharing, and powerful integrations.

Sembly AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrated with video conferencing platforms
Auto-generated meeting summaries
Speaker identification
Clearing filler words
Functional on various platforms (web, iOS, Android etc.)
Automates follow-ups
Glance View™ meeting summary
Works for everyone: individuals, teams, enterprises
Secure sharing
Identifies important topics, risks, events, requirements
Takes notes during meetings
Records meetings
Integrates meeting insights with tools like Slack, Trello, and Todo Apps
Advanced search for meeting content
Automatic voice identification
In-meeting insight detection
Smart GlanceView™ meeting summaries
Automated meeting minutes templates
Exporting transcripts to PDF or markdown
Automatic recognition of actions, decisions, issues, risks, events, requirements
Recognizes important statistics
Recognizes requirements
Recognizes planned events and target dates
Automatic streaming of meeting notes and actions with API
Easy-to-use interface
Multi-language support (English, French etc.)
Proxy attendance
Can join an ongoing or unplanned call
Offline recording via browser or mobile phone
Audio file upload for pre-recorded meetings
Enterprise-grade security
Automatic Meeting Minutes templates
Functionality in Philips SmartMeeting
GDPR compliant
SOC 2 certified
Works with Google and Outlook calendars
Meeting library aggregation
Manual voice identification option
Sembly agent control
Ability to assign tasks/actions to teammates with due dates
Meeting records are searchable by keyword, item, or attendee
One-click meeting minutes creation
Enterprise-grade security
Easily editable auto-generated follow-ups
Plans for individuals and enterprise
AUDITS Compliance & Privacy
Secure and powerful platform for 40+ users


Limited language support
Manual voice assignment needed
Cannot attend all meetings
Not free for teams
Cannot generate analytics
No direct offline recording
No customized meeting classification
Existing audio import only
No advanced user management
No dedicated desktop app


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Does Sembly AI provide secure sharing?
How easy is it to use Sembly AI?
Can Sembly AI attend meetings on my behalf?
What is Sembly AI's 'proxy attendance' feature?
Does Sembly AI support multi-language transcription?
How does Sembly AI identify speaker in a meeting?
Can I control Sembly AI during a meeting?
What is the 'Glance View™' meeting summary?
How does Sembly AI recognize key elements like risks, events or requirements?
Does Sembly AI support voice commands?

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