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Superpowered is an AI tool designed to help increase productivity during business meetings. It provides users with high-quality note-taking services without recordings or bots.

The AI notetaker generates vital information from audio recordings in meetings. Superpowered supports several meeting platforms such as Zoom, Meet, Teams, and Webex.Users can access AI templates for different types of meetings, including sales calls, interviews, and one-on-one meetings.

The templates promote note-taking best practices and provide users with world-class notes. With Superpowered, users can talk to an AI that practically attended all their meetings and understands them, eliminating the worry of forgetting essential information.Superpowered is available on Windows 10, Windows 11, and MacOS.

It supports Google and Outlook calendars, and it is available in over 40 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hindi, and Arabic.

It is SOC-2 Type-2 and GDPR compliant, which upholds the industry's privacy and security standards.Superpowered offers a variety of pricing plans, including a free plan, basic plan, and Pro plan.

The basic and Pro plans come with additional features such as calendar notifications, Slack integration, and AI Notes model, among others. Customers can also contact for business or enterprise plans.Overall, Superpowered provides businesses with an efficient, reliable, and secure AI tool ideal for note-taking during meetings.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple meeting platforms
Available on Windows/MacOS
Supports Google/Outlook calendars
Over 40 languages support
SOC-2 Type-2, GDPR compliant
Varieties of pricing plans
Calendar notifications feature
Slack integration feature
Reminder for auto-join meetings
Does not record meetings
Live audio transcription
Transcripts deleted after 7 days
Support for different meeting types
Allows focused conversation
World-class notes generation
Accurate notes production
Supports business/enterprise plans
Branding removal features
< 24h Customer Support
Offers free plan


Limited OS support (no Linux)
No mobile support
Branding removal tied to plans
Slack integration not on free plan
Limited notes history on basic plan
No recording feature
Need to manually delete transcripts after 7 days


What is Superpowered Me?
How does Superpowered's AI note-taking work?
What meeting platforms does Superpowered support?
Does Superpowered Me offer templates for different meeting types?
On which operating systems is Superpowered available?
What type of calendars does Superpowered support?
In how many languages is Superpowered available?
Is Superpowered SOC-2 Type-2 and GDPR compliant?
What pricing plans are available for Superpowered?
What extra features are available in Superpowered's basic and Pro plans?
What are AI Notes in Superpowered?
How does Superpowered integrate with Slack?
Can Superpowered join meetings automatically?
How does Superpowered's AI Chat feature work?
What are the benefits of using Superpowered's AI Templates?
Does Superpowered remove Zoom/Slack branding in the Pro plan?
How is Superpowered ensuring privacy and security standards?
Does Superpowered offer business or enterprise plans?
How does Superpowered handle multi-language meetings?
Is there an option to trial Superpowered for free before committing to a plan?


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