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Summarizes customer meetings for quick insights.
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Grain AI is a tool that provides automated summaries of customer meetings, enabling teams to quickly capture key moments and insights. It offers an intuitive summary of customer meetings, allowing users to easily recall, clip, and share important moments.

With Grain AI, users can jump to key moments and get the insights they need in seconds. It provides a library of knowledge with the ability to search a transcript and share a short clip.

Grain AI also allows users to quickly share feedback and customer insights with relevant teams through Slack, Notion, and more. It brings customer insights into every decision and allows teams to easily access the voice of the customer.


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Grain AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated meeting summaries
Quick capture of key moments
Recall, clip, share features
Instant access to key moments
Searchable transcript library
Shareable short clips
Integration with Slack, Notion
Brings customer insights forward
Quick share of customer feedback
Access to the customer's voice
One-click summary sharing
Unified library of knowledge
Quick insights from meetings
Free version available
Integration with Zapier, Webflow, ClickUp
Loved by thousands of users
Transcribes customer meetings
Refocuses on conversation not notetaking
Instant insights from interviews
Optimized meeting recap process
Supports hiring and recruiting
Good for remote teams
Ability to try for free
Promotes customer-centric decision making
Social sharing of insights
Used by product, user research teams
Visibility into customer's perspective


Relies on external platforms
Only supports specific platforms
No offline usage
Beta version stability issues
Limited library search
No granular accessibility settings
No multilingual support
Not suitable for small teams
In-Depth insights flexibility missing


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Does Grain AI allow sharing feedback through Slack and Notion?
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How does Grain AI facilitate access to the voice of the customer?
Is Grain AI free to use?
Who can use Grain AI?
How can Grain AI help with hiring and recruiting?
What type of integrations does Grain AI offer?
What security measures does Grain AI have?
How do remote teams stand to benefit from Grain AI?
Can I get customer stories or case studies related to Grain AI?
Is there a help center available for Grain AI?
How do we sign up for Grain AI and what's the process?
How can a user share customer insight with Grain AI?
Who are some of the notable users of Grain AI?
Can users share Grain AI summaries on social platforms?
What's the overall benefit of using Grain AI in decision making?


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