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Deploy AI Apps & Automations with 1-Click No-Code Solution.
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Thunderbit is an all-in-one AI App and Automation software designed for business users. This toolkit offers an array of ready-to-use apps that significantly simplify automation tasks with minimal to no coding required.

Users can benefit from an inclusive range of features such as AI reading, writing, content detection, as well as automated voice and image recognition.The software provides specific features, including the ability to summarize web content, elucidate complex texts, convert texts across multiple languages, and apply contextual understanding in AI dictionary definitions.

It can also be leveraged to simplify tasks such as sending personalized emails from spreadsheets, interpreting legal documents into plain language, and conducting web searches.Thunderbit promotes the convenience of combining different AI apps into one tool.

Beyond using prebuilt apps, users can customize their own AI applications and automations through a straightforward, drag-and-drop feature. Furthermore, the AI-driven form builder enables users to create AI applications by picking a use case and completing a form.

Designed with interoperability in mind, Thunderbit can be integrated with a vast array of popular applications, allowing users to create custom apps and automations suited to their specific needs.


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Thunderbit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 11th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Offer an array of apps
Simplify automation tasks
Minimal to no coding
Features for writing and content detection
Automated Voice and Image recognition
Summarizes web content
Elucidates complex texts
Multilanguage text conversion
Contextual understanding in dictionary definitions
Automated personalized emails from spreadsheets
Interprets legal documents in plain language
Enables web searches
Drag-and-drop feature for customizations
Interoperable with other popular applications
Content generation feature
Free-tier available forever
Deploy Apps and Automations in 1-Click
Intuitive business automation interface


No offline functionality
Possible lack of privacy
Limited prebuilt app selection
Dependency on third-party apps
Potential language translation inaccuracy
Limited user-interface customization
Uncertain scalability for large businesses
Complex interfacing for beginners
No mobile application support


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