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The first-ever reliable browser automation powered by AI
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The GPT-4 Vision Powered AI Employe is an open-source tool designed to automate complex browser tasks to streamline workflows and save user time. It employs advanced artificial intelligence to mimic human-like understanding when interpreting content such as emails, receipts, and invoices, and subsequently takes suitable actions.

This capability also extends to tasks that traditionally required input from human users, such as transferring data from emails to CRM or ERP systems.

The creation of workflows involves outlining and demonstrating the task within the browser, similar to how a human employee might be shown. The tool records browser changes, not requiring screen, microphone, or camera access.

The AI Employe's functionality also enables the extraction of unique insights from graphs, intricate tables, and image-based OCR. This versatile tool provides reliable browser automation, positioning it as a potential essential in the daily processes of modern organizations.


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Pros and Cons


Interprets emails, receipts, invoices
Automates data transfer to CRM/ERP
Functionality requires no screen/mic/camera access
Extracts insights from graphs, tables
Capable of image-based OCR
Prioritizes user privacy
Automates complex tasks
Reliable browser automation
Creates efficient workflows
Mimics human-like understanding
Streamlines processes in organizations
No hardware requirements
Unique insights extraction
Time-saving tool
Records in-browser changes
Handles intricate tasks
No manual data input required
Optimal for modern organizations
Multi-level data interpretation
Suitable for multi-task automation
Saves employees' time
Efficiently processes diverse content
Makes daily tasks efficient
Not invasive of user privacy
Enhances CRM and ERP integration
Capacity to interpret complex data
Automatic task demonstration feature
Capture and process image-based data
Works with complex content analysis
Vision powered automation
Email-to-ERP/CRM automation
Workflow creation capability
Interprets intricate tables
Automates human-like tasks


No mobile compatibility
No screen capture functionality
Requires live demonstration for setup
Lack of voice command capabilities
No offline capability
OCR execution may be slow
No API mentioned
No direct integration with all ERPs
No camera access for additional functionalities
Only browser-based operations


What is the GPT-4 Vision Powered AI Employe?
Is the AI Employe an open-source tool?
What type of tasks is AI Employe able to automate?
Can the AI Employe interpret content like emails, receipts and invoices?
Can the AI Employe transfer data from emails to CRM or ERP systems?
How does the workflow creation process work with the AI Employe?
Does AI Employe require screen, microphone, or camera access?
Can the AI Employe extract insights from graphs, tables, and OCR images?
What does it mean AI Employe offers 'browser automation'?
Can AI Employe automate tasks that usually need human input?
How does AI Employe integrate with CRM and ERP systems?
How reliable is the AI Employe for browser automation tasks?
Can AI Employe mimic human-like understanding?
Does AI Employe need to be installed on my browsing device or is it a web-based AI?
How does AI Employe streamline workflows?
What kind of unique insights can AI Employe extract?
Can AI Employe understand and interpret content in other languages than English?
Is there any expected level of technical knowledge to operate AI Employe?
Are there any security measures taken to ensure data privacy while using AI Employe?
Where can I get support if I encounter issues with AI Employe?

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