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ShiftX is an AI tool designed to streamline business operations by generating process maps from manual routine documents and complex process descriptions.

The tool works by converting the input text or image into an intuitive workflow, thereby increasing the efficiency of your operations and simplifying the process of adapting to evolving business demands.

With this tool, you can include various actors in your process flow, and use one of the preset roles and systems or create your own. After creating a flow, it can be edited in ShiftX to further fit your requirements.

You also have the option to upload an image of an existing process flow from another tool for transformation. You can share your performance feedback via email or through their LinkedIn community.

The variety of flows that can be produced ranges from process maps, customer journey maps, user flows to routines. Its also possible to collaborate with the team directly from the platform, making process-oriented tasks more engaging and inclusive.

The tool assures user data protection with no descriptions or images being used for AI model training. However, the anonymous usage data might be analyzed by ShiftX to improve and enhance their AI features.


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ShiftX was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates process maps
Converts text to workflow
Converts images to workflow
Adapts to evolving demands
Includes various actors
Preset roles and systems
Editable flows within ShiftX
Transforms existing process images
Performance feedback via email
LinkedIn community interaction
Variety of flow outputs
Collaboration directly from platform
Emphasizes data privacy
Workflow optimization
Customer journey mapping
Collaborative tool
Text to flow
Image to flow
Allows role inclusion
Detailed flow generation
Direct editing feature
Immediate flow transformation
Types of flow production
Anonymous usage data analysis
Problem-solving collaboration
Collaborative discussion feature
Included keyboard shortcuts
Instant process map creation
Real-time collaboration
Process mapping and management
Customer journey optimization
Routine and procedure management
Variety of use cases
Various platform integrations
Template availability
Issue assigning to teammates
Progress tracking
Team discussion in context
Whiteboard translation
Post-it note translation


No API mentioned
Unclear integration options
Must manually input actors
Limited preset roles/systems
No real-time editing feature
Requires account creation
Sharing through limited channels
No mobile app mentioned
Minimal layout customization
Unclear data analysis boundaries


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Can I upload an image of my process flow to ShiftX?
How can I share feedback on ShiftX?
What types of flows can ShiftX produce?
In what ways can I collaborate with my team within ShiftX?
How does ShiftX ensure the protection of user data?
Can ShiftX be used for customer journey mapping?
Does ShiftX offer preset roles I can use for my process flow?
Can I use images for AI model training in ShiftX?
How does ShiftX use anonymous usage data?
What are the capabilities of ShiftX in terms of workflow automation?
Can I create my own roles and systems in ShiftX?
How can I adapt to business demands using ShiftX?
Are there templates available in ShiftX?
What kind of documents can be used to generate process maps in ShiftX?
Does ShiftX have integration options?
Is ShiftX capable of process documentation and user flow creation?

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