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Web scraping and workflow automation made easy
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Hexomatic is an AI automation tool designed to streamline web scraping and workflow automation tasks. It offers a user-friendly, code-free environment that allows users to tap into the internet as a data source, assisting in automating various tasks related to sales, marketing, or research.

Notably, it provides a '1-click web scraper' that can pull data from a multitude of websites. It also allows users to develop their own web scraping recipes for extracting specific data like products, content, media or leads.

Hexomatic offers a broad spectrum of built-in automations to manage the collected data, which include but are not limited to email address validation, article scraping, revealing the tech stack used on a webpage, or pulling contact information.In addition to web scraping, this tool provides automation workflows that combine scraping strategies with their ready-made automations, helping users save a significant amount of time.

Worthy of note is its ability to perform AI tasks, boasting native integrations with AI technologies such as ChatGPT and Google Bard. These integrations enable it to automate tasks like writing, summarizing, and analyzing data.Providing scalability, Hexomatic not only offers extensive web scraping capabilities, but it also facilitates performing human-like tasks on the collected data.

It presents a unique combination of simple, point-and-click web scraping with generative AI, thereby expanding the scope for data analysis and productivity.

In conclusion, Hexomatic stands as a robust tool that combines web scraping and AI-driven automation, empowering users to maximize productivity and efficiency while minimizing manual data handling efforts.


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Pros and Cons


User-friendly, code-free environment
1-click web scraper feature
Custom web scraping recipes
Built-in data automations
Email validation automation
Article scraping automation
Reveals tech stack on webpages
Contact info extraction
Integration with ChatGPT
Integration with Google Bard
Performs human-like tasks
Saves significant amount of time
Scalable solution
Workflow automation feature
Assists in sales, marketing, research
Can write, summarize, analyze data
Can pull data from many websites
Finds and validates email addresses
Extracts metadata from URLs
Multi-faceted SEO tool
Automates on-page SEO tasks
Discovers affiliates for products or services
Automates search for guest post opportunities
Exact data extraction from Google Maps
Skyrockets productivity levels
Discovers tech stack used on pages
No coding skills required
Support for pagination in scraping
Can upload your own data
Software integration capabilities
Works with popular platforms like Slack, Google, Wordpress
Detailed software documentation
Automated B2B lead generation
Creates structured spreadsheets from web data
Automates work tasks
Web data extraction and management
Classifies data in bulk
Built-in contact info automation


No code-free environment
Limited inbuilt automations
No data manipulation
Limited workflow automation
No cross-OS Support
Lack of Customer Support
No offline mode
Non intuitive UI


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Can Hexomatic automate writing, summarizing, and analyzing data tasks?
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What are Hexomatic's capabilities in terms of scalability?
How does Hexomatic aid in minimizing manual data handling efforts?
Can I perform human-like tasks on the collected data with Hexomatic?
How can Hexomatic improve my productivity?
Does Hexomatic offer built-in workflows?
Can Hexomatic pull contact information from web pages?
What's the process to get started with Hexomatic?
Does Hexomatic offer demo or trial period?


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