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Read and Scrape Websites and Gather Data
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WebPilot GPT is a specific application developed atop the ChatGPT platform. It is designed with a primary operating function to extract and collect data from different websites.

WebPilot GPT seeks to accomplish this using web scraping mechanisms, making it possible to automate the data retrieval process from any accessible website.

It operates by interacting with the user to learn the desired website they need data from and the particular kind of information required. WebPilot GPT thereby guides the overarching ChatGPT to execute these data scraping tasks.

Also, it supports multiple website sources and can scrape different types of data, making it a versatile data extraction tool. However, it does require a subscription to ChatGPT Plus for functionality, which implies an additional layer of access and capabilities within the ChatGPT ecosystem.

Additionally, its interaction model is essentially dialogical, using prompts to refine user requests and clarify the specific data scraping task at hand.

As a built-in feature also, it sends out welcoming messages to users, generally querying what website the user would like to scrape and what particular information the user is searching for.


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