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Automates diverse document data extraction.
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Parseur is a data entry automation software that simplifies document processing and email parsing. It automates data extraction from various types of documents allowing for immediate transfer to business applications.

Parseur is template-based, and users can use their no-code point and click editor to create templates and teach Parseur what information to extract. Alternatively, they can also use pre-built templates to set up a zero-click setup.

Parseur supports extracting data from numerous documents, including emails, PDFs, and invoices, among others. The software boasts fast and accurate OCR software and dynamic OCR, which allows for the extraction of fields that move or change in size.

Parseur also enables users to convert Google Alerts email to Excel or Google Sheets, making it an essential tool for various businesses. Parseur has solutions for a wide range of data extraction use cases and supports integrations with Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, and Make, among others.

The software has a free trial period after which users can pay as they grow. The platform has happy customers and user ratings on various review sites such as Capterra and GetApp, and its users recommend it on G2.

Parseur promises to increase productivity, improve data entry speed and quality, and reduce costs. Overall, Parseur is an ideal tool for businesses looking for data entry automation software that simplifies the document processing and parsing of complex information into structured data feeds.


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Dec 6, 2023
The new AI engine is quite good
Aug 13, 2023
It didn't work to extract table from email. It extracts rubbish data
Jul 15, 2023
Worth a try if you have a lot of PDFs and you want to extract data from them rapidly
Jul 8, 2023
Spits out the conversion all on one line.

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Pros and Cons


Automates diverse document extraction
Point and click editing
Zero-click setup with pre-built templates
Extracts from emails, PDFs, invoices
Fast and accurate OCR
Dynamic OCR for changing fields
Can convert Google Alerts to Excel
Integrations with Zapier, Power Automate
Free trial available
Data extraction use case solutions
Increases productivity
Improves data entry speed
Reduces costs
Good user ratings
Automatic layout detection
Extracts text from MS Word
Extracts text from HTML documents
Native connectors for app integration
Template-based extraction
Extracts data from tables
Extracts repetitive structures
Supports high volume document parsing
Zonal OCR
Can be used with any cloud application
Can be used for Robotic Process Automation
Can be used as part of EDC Systems


Template-based extraction only
No native mobile app
Limited pre-built templates
Dependent on integrations
Moderate learning curve
May struggle with complex structures
High volume use cost
No intra-document navigation
Limited document formats


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