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Extract valuable insights from any document with DocXter.
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DocXter is an interactive document intelligence platform powered by AI. It aims to extract valuable insights from various document types and formats, enabling users to interact with document content through questioning, text simplification, and more.

It caters to a range of usage scenarios, aiding students and professionals alike. For students, the platform can facilitate last-minute research, critical analysis, and personalized study guidance.

This is achieved by leveraging AI to analyze key materials, identify important details, help users see concepts from new angles, and streamline study plans.

Professionals can use the tool for tasks such as preparing for meetings, decoding official agreements, and creating impressive resumes. Not limited to text extraction, DocXter takes a step further by identifying insights, connections, and vital information within documents.

It also offers customization features, allowing users to tailor their interactions with the platform. DocXter is equipped to handle a variety of file types such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPTX, and TXT files.

The platform emphasizes ease of use, guiding users to understand and decode any document confidently.


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Jan 18, 2024
I've used multiple document analysis, text extraction tools. But, this one is quite cool. The custom prompt, intent are a great add-on! Free version is cool, but, the limit will catch up to you. Yes, pro (extend as they like to it) is a bit on the expensive side, but worth it!
Jan 10, 2024
Doesn't work on a PDF I uploaded. Seems like it just wants to collect (l)users.
Jan 11, 2024
Hey Kitty, It seems like you faced an issue while using DocXter. I'd like you to tell us the issue in detail to [email protected] and we'll get you the resolve at the earliest!

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Pros and Cons


Interactive document interaction
Valuable insight extraction
Software adaptation for individuals
Supports various document types
Supports multiple file formats
Tailored user interactions
Customization features
Facilitates last-minute research
Aids critical analysis for students
Personal study guidance
Decodes official agreements
Resume building tool
Advanced text extraction
Identifies connections within documents
Identifies vital information within documents
Simplifies complex documents
Aids in meeting preparation
Tackles various use-case scenarios
Acts as educational aid
Professionals' tool for document analysis
Concept mapping capability
User guidance and ease of use
Handling and analyzing legal documents
Helps in making detailed notes
Supports language simplification
Can provide chat history
Controls for user discretion
Planning tool for trips
Analysis of key materials
Q&A feature with uploaded documents


No offline functionality
No mobile application
Limited file format support
Doesn't support non-Latin scripts
No multilingual support
Cannot edit documents
No summarization feature
Lacks advanced customization
No password-protected document access


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How does DocXter simplify text from complex documents?
How does DocXter help users understand and decode documents?
What are the specific features that makes DocXter an effective research tool?
How does DocXter streamline study plans for students?
Can I use DocXter to prepare for meetings and decoding official agreements?
How can DocXter assist me in building an impressive resume?
Can DocXter assist in personalized study guidance?
How does the platform facilitate last-minute research tasks?
Can I interact with uploaded documents on DocXter?
Does DocXter offer multi-language support?
What file types are compatible with DocXter?
Does DocXter have functionality to identify connections within documents?
What does document interaction with DocXter look like?
How to use DocXter for critical analysis of textual content?


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